Sunday, October 11, 2015

Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - #2 Frambourjoise

It has been a while since the last post in this blog, and I really am shy to be back because now I officially be inconsistent blogger (if you permit me calling my self a blogger haha)

So today without any unimportant chit chat, I wanna tell you a short story why I eventually get up for my blog today, it because I got an email from one of my few readers that actually wanna ask something but she started everything with praising me, that she loves to read my blog and enjoy the things on my face haha. she just one and only person to be that kind as what I do to my own self :*


In this reviewing time, I bring you a bold and bright nuance as if I need a joy in this sometimes-obscure life... I don't really care what season it is to choose what I wear on my face, I just believe in


hahaha and its true, so I decide to pick this BOURJOIS ROUGE EDITION VELVET - #2 Frambourjoise

It's a bright-yet-dark reddish fuchsia, it so for you who wanna wear red but you think pink is damnly sophisticated for nowadays hahaha.

here's the first look...

this review contains pros and cons based on several categories, here they are:
( (+) is for pros, while (-) is for cons)

1. Packaging
+ elegantly shaped transparent glass combined with the shade color, so regal
+ it's not heavyweight like the usual real glass
+good angled aplicator, ease the blending process
+handy yet full in capacity (7.7ml not like the other liquid lipsticks)


2. Texture
+ creamy in the first time, so easy blending
+ pigmented
+ VELVET FINISH, matte in a good way
+very very light texture, sometimes I think it's mousse instead of liquid
+not gonna dry on lips eventhough you don't wear lip balm underneath

-when my lip is touched adversely by my foundation and make it a bit white, it will so hard to blend this lipstick, and it will end transparently, so I recommend to balm your lips out before use this lipstick so that your lips are perfectly prepared :)

3.  Performance
+ LONG LASTING, it claims 24hr hold
+ light weight, so comforting
+ it doesn't oxidize into another lighter or darker color, so intense and opaque since the first swing
+ you don't have to worry about eating times or drinking, because it provisions proof ahaha
+it won't devastate your lip while wearing more than 8hr
- it leaves stain after you remove it
-need about 10-15mins to make it a velvety matte finish
-hard to remove but not as hard as LA Splash one

4. Price
I can't say it's affordable for everyone because it actually is not for me. You can grab them home for about IDR 180.000 from Boirjois Counter, and as for me, I got it in IDR 220.000 online, so yahh, it's kind of med-high end lipstick I think haha.
But don't worry it contains 7.7ml beautiful lipstick under the price.

Do I recommend it to you?
of course yahh, it has the other beautiful bold and nude color that you can choose and it so worth having for.

btw I got it from
(neither related nor endorsed)
just FYI if you wanna get them online :)

So that is all, and...

by the way

in this year's October 12th
make a wish for me please
wish that I can update this blog routinely every week haha

Have a great Life everyone
Bye Bye :D


always make sure you don't hesitate to ask me everything on your mind about that post before you close the tab, uuupsss, make sure it's appropriate and fiendly too :)

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