Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First Impression Review: POND'S Flawless White - Dewy Rose Cream SPF 30 PA++

Hello Beautiful Girl...
Halo Wanita Cantik Indonesia (mirip panah asmara arjuna aja -__-)
Finally I got an fresh air to put a little update on my blog. And today it's time for another skincare review, but I do think that it's not really fair if I call this as review because I just tried this stuff once-twice, so I'll give a lable on it as "first impression review". but because this thing is from my holy grail brand, so I think, it definitely can be a review due to never-fail-on-me result.

What actually is that????
yahhh... this is it...

POND'S Flawless White - Dewy Rose Gel SPF 30 PA++

Gambar-gambar ini diambil malam hari jadi gelap-gelapan yaa hehe, sorry

you excited??? Since the day I post about my Dewy Rose GEL HERE TO READ , I've got a bunch of responses that actually prove that Indonesian women really love about this gel's coming. Because it contains serum and for me personaly this is the exchange stuff for POND'S FW serum so this serie really really special for me when it comes to my hand ahahah

Today Iam gonna create a Pros-and-Cons review again to simplify you to conclude in the end ! Gak lupa aku juga akan membuat post bilingual untuk konten satu ini.... <3

Let's Start!


+ IT CONTAINS SPF 30 PA++, which is so so so great as deal, you can use it as day cream. Melindungi kamu yang aktif diluar ruangan dong pastinya. gak nanggung - nanggung, untuk cream ini ada PA++ nya juga loo!!

+ The cream is a way softer than POND'S FW day cream, which is no go for me, kalo mau tau, krim FW siang yang sekarang lebih kering dan susah dibaurkan jadinya bentol bentol diwajah dan bisa ngerusak makeup, kalo yang ini lembut bgt, krimnya teksturnya mirip POND'S Age Miracle day cream :D

+ Moisturizing for sure!

+ Good for you who has normal to dry or even oily because the easy-to-blend texture, bakal tetep perfect di kulit wajah kamuuuu...

+ Affordable price, harganya sama dengan yang gel, IDR 75.000 or $ 6 for 50gr

+ Easy to find, but make sure you don't mistaken to pick the cream one or gel one, because it almost the same, unless the SPF 30 lable in the top left side of the box.

+ Good smell, love it

+ as far as I know, it not creates breakout on me

+ Available on small jar, so you can just try it first before use it in long-term. very good deal!

+ over all you I am into it, I love this one


- Almost the same packaging with the gel! be Careful! see the top left side of the box to find the SPF word

- If I got to compare it with the gel, I still in love with the gel deeper hahaha

So that is all ladies!!!
Kamu pernah nyoba atau pengen coba? yuk klo punya cerita share di aku via comment box yaaa 

See you really soon, jangan lupa baca post - post ku yang lain yaaa!!!

BYE BYE !!!!
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