Monday, December 30, 2013

Summary of 2013

Haii guyss.... Im sorry guys...
So busy till I find my self sick and can't go further for checking this..


This time , Iam gonna show you what things I've done in 2013.. just a little, and I also just show it off some part...

And these are it...

1. In February 2013, Tourism Ambassador!
Since the middle of 2012, predominantly in June... I start to join a pageant blaahhh... no actually just a culture maintenance activities as the Batik Ambassador for my regency Kediri, east Java, Indonesia.  What is Batik? Go check your google... its our pride, our prestigious heritage,  our national identity,  and soon. I proud of that so bad. So I join Putera Puteri Batik Kab. Kediri 2012. And now my duties are done. But before I finished it in February this year I join a higher level of this, and succeed to became the new member of my regency's tourism ambassador Inu Kirana Kab. Kediri 2013! One of the bittersweet moments in this year, yeah, exactly my life as well.

2. March timee... 3rd Anniversary!
My boyfriend and I have been together since 2010... first March 3 years ago was the day when everything started to change,  he sent the most awkward moment in life to ask me about live and relationship. And in March 16th, we officially start our courtship.  Bitter bitter bitter sweet in first times, and bitter sweet sweet sweet now.... It was describable.  I can't type anymore. Fyi, until that day, we're never fall apart even for once, because we do respect our commitments. And yeah, already know what is Love. ♥

3. July,  the GPA and scoring month...
Nooo, I dont even want to remember that. I tried to believe a rational magical score again this time but noo, i failed in even semester again. I got just 3.38 of 4.00 and made my GPA just 3.58, this was out from my expectation for about 3.70 again... shit happened yee... I even sure that I will get more than 4 A from all 8 lesson based on my general achievement in the class... but you know that when you start go to college, every decision is on your lecturer's hand! Oh Goood...

4. August, Annual Gathering of CIMB Niaga Indonesia Excellent Scholarship 2013
I meet them again, afraid! Need more courage!  I even feel that my self so embarrassing... what national or international achievements that I will show to them this year.. but okay, yhis year so fun, they were so friendly, more and more... i remember the first gathering so no no experience... and everything so good at all except one thing,  the transportation to Jakarta wasn't good definitely.  Downgrade from the last year, instead of use plane, this year we are the trainERS... haha

5. October is always mine!
This, my 20th birthday..... Ovtober 12th, not extremely special at all... I spend just with several friends, and my beloved boyfriend. Honestly, I love October,  but I hate my Birthday.

6. Back to the Blue December!
So complicated, my business has a very good developments, but I dunno my money was soo thin... I can't describe anymore,  I need help... hahaha

Those were the the 2013 summaries, a lot of random thing, like me...

but one thing i want from you guys... go check my business page on

or click the  cover picture in this blog above... help me in my last problem guys hahaaa...


These picture below are some of my activities in 2013...

Like photoshoots, tourism ambassador, batik ambassador, my business GALLANT FOX - House of Design, and my Annual Gathering with other excellent scholar! ♥♡♥

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review : POND'S Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum

Hello guys...
Get with me Shinta, cyaahh
This time Im gonna show you some of my review about POND'S FW serum...
It has been my favourite stuff to stay in my travelling pocket since the last decade... of course no. Ahaa

First. And so on.

The appearance bottle ♥♥♥♥♥/5
Soo soo elegant and fancy with pink and silver color made from any kind of ppftrmhxjgx aluminium maybe.. so shiny..

The textures ♥♥♥♥/5
The textures actually like the other kinda serum. A lilbit translucent, gel creamy, but can spread evenly. You just need a little cream (about 0.75cm diameters) for a whole face. After that just put on your face and or your neck and you gonna feel the good moisturized surface and sometimes i use my two way cake directly. But don't do that, is better to continue with your moisturizer.  And I use my Pond's FW day/night cream too... (and I will write the reviews as well)

Result ♥♥♥♥/5
This is one of magic face care that I've got ever. You may not find any real result in shortrun times, but you can find your truly flawless in a couple weeks after. And I can see on my own face that several acne spots gone slowly. But I think that this product not really good for whitening.  That's why I love it.

Price ♥♥♥/5
I think if this compared with some other serum brands, it still cheap, but for me as an Indonesian beginner moneyseeker student still a lilbit expensive hahaha. 
Price : Rp 90.000 or about $8 / 30ml

Soo next to plusminus review:
Plus :
1. Damn, I love the bottle
2. Perfect texture, good aromatic for me personally
3. Face is moisturized
4. Suitable for spot care
5. The real result ♡

Minus :
1. Not really good for whitening *but i love it
2. The price ouchhh *maybe just for me :p

Repurchase: YESSSSS!!!
So these are it...

Above, is this my fav of this pproduct. Im sorry for the poor quality of my tablet camera -__-

And this is the serum on my hand. Transparently white.

This -___- , I really meant to shoot the texture on my hand but yeahh, you can see it a lilbit glossy in the top and seemingly moisturized

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Random Life

hi guys...

so hard mamenn, I have to do everything alone for a few days. without #Boyfriend #Internet and #Money !!!
please, I looked like madgirl who just stay in room with lots of grumpy-s.

ohh, that's why I still wanna shout everything everywhere until can't.

today, I can't post any important post because I still messed up by several random thing. ahahaha

bonusss... my photo :P

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Inside skincare : Natur E 100 Iu

Hellow middle month. ?.
Todays Im gonna show you my newest stuff I bought in poor condition.
This is it...
Natur E , natural vitamin E 100iu that actually or maybe truly created from Indonesia.

This is one of the most popular skincare in Indonesia and one of the cheapest haha. I got it for about 17.000 rupiahs or can converted in USD about $1.6

But this is worthy to consume. As I know that it has a save ingredients. And already got the halal sign from MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia).
For the result I think I will post it later, still have to wait until it obviously works.

So thankyou and see u until I see u haha...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Personal review : SYOSS Permanent Coloration in Dark Brown 3-0

Haii guys... how about this afternoon...
Todays was a hard tearful day for meeh...
I have to cry like a baby needs milk just because an unimportand person but forget it...

I want to doing review for my just-a-few-day-ago hair coloration from Syoss. And today Im gonna mix my random english with bahasa. Yes national language from beloved country Indonesia...

Aku keliling hypermart matos Malang buat nyari makan bwahaha, gak banget nongkrongnya di hipermaret... trus keliling rak pewarna rambut berharap si doi udah ngebolehin aku nyobak2 warna rambut... yah iyalahh dia sayang bgt ma akuu... abaikan. Setelah itu kepincut ama warna2 yg ditawarkan sama Syoss, trus harga yg biasanya berkisar 50rb kenapa cuma jadi 33rb rupiah... cuss deh ngegoda pacar buat beli... akirnya dia antusias ikut milih warna YEEEAAYYY...

AKHIRNYA setelah ngotot pilih warna antara Dark Brown sama Mocca Brown aku dah masukin ke troli tuh yang Mocca Brown, sampek suatu ketika aku nemuin mbak2 rambutnya warnanya mirip mocca brown agak aneh gt gk vocok langsung zonk lari ke rak ngambil yg Dark Brown. Fix. Gak ganti lagi. (FYI : biaya oprtunitis dengan mengorbankan gak beli Bb stick Maybelline dehh)

I pour it the cream in to the developer... shake it and start to put on my whole hair, but you have to now that this kinda thing isn't support your hair if they already coloured by henna or any other deep coloration.  And I did that before! Stupid...

Sooo, the result is NOT APPEARED. ...!!!!
Tidak terlihat saudara2....
Tapi ini mungkin karena sebelumnya aku pake permanent toning natural black nya Rudi Hadisuwarno...
Nohh yok po loh kanh Rudi iku..

Hehehe, just kiding..

I think the result is better if your hair color is brighter than your hair colorant... my hair is natural dark brown, but for about the last 7 years I always dye that with black... because for me, darker is hotter. ? Hahahah

But it make another colour doesn't work...
Oww owww

So that's all about SYOSS Permanent coloration. Maybe I will try another kind like Liese Prettia, Etude House that use bubbles for colouring process.. and more pigmented maybe haha

The plus :
1. Not expensive
2. Easy to find
3. Beautiful brownish colour
4. One of the friendly aromatic hair colour eveeerrrr

The minus :
1. Of course, the color doesn't comes out maybe the other level color have better result
2. Despite have a good brown colour, but just available on a few colours
3. The guide leaflet just in English and Thai, confusing for some people who haven't good passion to read -___-

Repurchase: NO...... im sorry

 yahhh this is it the box, but actually I just finished my hair coloring without take picture or thinking about reviewing. ? So this is the remaining photo of that.

The first is the box, and the second is my hair after colored... Im sorry, still messy at all. Definitely. Fyi this is my condition after rain -____- and take place in my dormitory lobby

Ow im so sorry for the girls behind me in this pict below... -___-

Boyfriend's Daily Craziness

The newest activity of mine is hugging so many arts..
Just because my boyfriend start to take bachelor program in design, I officially find my other dimensions about life. Really envy.
Actually between us I still proudly and arrogantly say that Iam the most talented in this field buuutt.... itsokay, take finance seriously get to make me insane...
Soo, in this time I wanna show you guys about my boyfriend's creation but just in sneak-peak appearance. ?. Because I dont want to expose more and yahhh, I think Iam getting envy with his activities....
Okay this is it, actually this is in a badbad mood feeling, but yeah..


The come back

You can find another me in blogspot for seing the old version -___-
But don do that. Too embarrassing.....

Now this is me, in the last couple periods of my college
Asking when I can finish it all? Or how to spread my own business now?

Yayyy, I actually (again and again ) have new idea for my future, this definitely bother me but
Itsokaaay... just find the best way...

Be a top banker or entrepreneur.

In the other side I also get some hobbies...
Taking special time for read and read and try about skincare, facecare, makeup, hair, and (Im sorry you can skip this) my weird new hooby is curiously read about pregnancy -____- dont ask me why....

Yahhh that's almost all, you can find me in the huge other way...
And please

LIKE my business fanpage on

Bonusss : the newest pic in the last 2013... ahaha.

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