Saturday, May 31, 2014

Story : Thankyou for Celebrate Our Loyalty

What is the most beautiful flower in the world more that White Chrysant??

MAY minibeauty HAUL

hi beauties, finally have this glory occasion to create a new post... I am so happy today to annauce my SUPERMINI beauty haul , actually today I was so elated because I got another lovely White Chrysant Flower from my dearest man in the world after my father hahaha. but okay, back to the topic, I present this for you...

enjoy my Hunting Results !!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: Softlens Solutions SCHON & FRESH EYE

Hi beautiful girls in the beautiful world who come to the beautiful blog!
hahahahaha ignore it.
how's your day going?
that will be much more better when you drop by in this empty little land and sit and read this post that I specially present for you princess haha...

so today Iam gonna review my solution collection for my lenses and today I pict the two, they are SCHON and FRESH EYE

so let's move, check them out!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Story : Finally! I Beat the Google Adsense

yeaaaahh after a lot of fighting for more thatn 3 months in my a half year experience of blogging finally I got this kind of email reply


but don't worry , I also enjoy a tons of this email reply when the reject me...T.T

rejected -__-

the way to easily get the approval is when you raisen up your content quality, not only pictures but also the writing.

So when you start to ask me What is that, you can easily seach on google and you'll know the answer hahaha,
this is officially google feature that will give you a chance to get earnings with your site by attach some gorgoeus Advertisements (such as Luxola, Elevenia, Real Techniques, Berry Benka, and so on) on your blog and official from google as well so don't worry if you don't want the kinda annoying ad or something hahaha.

you'll see my advertisement from google in my page if you not block the ad in your browser. go and click guyss!!!

For more information better to search on Google. This is kinda good feature to get new penny hahaha

here some of the ad that I capture today, and it will always change to another when you click my different post, and the smart thing is, it always adjust the post theme or title :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Short Review: Local Natural Shadow in Action ! (Latulipe, Mirabella, Just Miss)

Hi Evereybodeyhhh, extremely glad today for post something, finally, after collage business and sickness owhhh, I guess I was trapped in my own world.
Okay, today is Indonesian review ladies, so I'll use my Bahasa to explain this short review about my Local Eyeshadow. check them out!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Very First - Very Inspiring Blogger Award

awww, yesss, now I have one more time to create a post and I dedicate it for my very first Inspiring Blogger Award from the lovely Imelda from A Chick With Lipstick and I was always wondering, did I inspire her? hehehehe, I am not really sure but... yaahhh, I love you Imelda, If I can nominate you back, definitely I'll do, you're one of my inspiration :)

Review: CARING COLOURS BB Cream (Everlast VS Luminizing)

Hello everybody, really glad I finally back to this blog after struggled for my minithesis. So today Iam gonna using my mother tounge to describe this stuff review. yess, this is an Indonesian lovely brand :D

jadii, kali ini aku akan mereview salah satu BB Cream yang kupunyaa, dan usut punya usut (btw usut itu apasih? -_-) ini adalah BB Cream pertamaku saat muda dulu... wahahahaha, yah aku pake ini dari taon 2012 kalo gak salah dan udah repurchase, so, mau tau ceritaku yang agak gak update ini? Go ahead!
This is it.....

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review : SILKYGIRL Moisture Max Lip Gloss in Wine 08

Hi beauties, before I spend my whole time this week to finish my mini thesis, let me leave you something special about one of my favorite thing in the world hahaha, yaaapppp, Lipgloss. And this time, Im gonna present a review of my newest lipgloss which comes from the brand SILKYGIRL. Are you ready???

So lets get started.... froommm.....

Saturday, May 3, 2014

MakeUp Collab - Arabian Gems (Agate)

hooohhhh May!!!
I can't believe I come back to this lonely blog since I left it in the last week of April, OMO, you guys definitely look for me right? hahaha. So in this special ocassion, I will present you a MakeUp Collaboration which is have the gorgeous title of "Arabian Gems", and this collaboration such an honor for me to work together with a fabulous and fun Indonesian Beauty Bloggers like Irene, Amanda, Luciana, Esy, Rere, Rani, and Amelia... wooo we also spent a lot of time to share almost about Everything, trust me, they're really like long-time-no-see-family. hahaha, well this is it our Official Banner created by Hilarious Esy....

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