Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: Softlens Solutions SCHON & FRESH EYE

Hi beautiful girls in the beautiful world who come to the beautiful blog!
hahahahaha ignore it.
how's your day going?
that will be much more better when you drop by in this empty little land and sit and read this post that I specially present for you princess haha...

so today Iam gonna review my solution collection for my lenses and today I pict the two, they are SCHON and FRESH EYE

so let's move, check them out!

So I will do my quick review about these two and you guys just read a few paragraph but it still worth reading and give you a little help to find the most comfy solutions :)


Schon has a good bottle appearance that sometimes looks so classic and cute, with a white dominant color. I use this for my daily use when I start my Softlens Season hahaha. and you know, this is my best of the best solution ever. it's not only clean up my softlens perfectly but also will cool my eyes while wearing softlens and I rarely feel the some sort of Burning in the Eye hahaha, just right coice when I bought it in the optics for the first time.
The price is around IDR 25.000 in small tube 120ml


I use this one because I ever saw my friend use that and it also good in my eyes but not as good as Schon did to me hahaha. it also good in cleaning my softlens, but I think it's not has an impact while im using the softlens, just so. I also rarely feel sore eyes. it just good by the way, one of my chooices for you.
It also has the same price with Schon which is IDR 25.000 for small tube 120+40ml

- Both of them I bought in the small size because I have a certain reason that small tube has a faster turn over than the bigger one, and we will meet again with the new fresh tube again with still in a good formula, instead of fade out or the dirt risk if we have the bigger one.

- Schon can be used for 60 days and Fresh Eye for 90 days after they're opened. But I never use them in that period, I always use them in shorter usage to avoid the risk that might happen to eyes. oh no way -__-

So guys that's all, the funny thing is Iam not even ever reviewed a softlens but I will review my softlens sooner. I rarely use them by the way, and the thing is I'm going to running out my softlens. So, just wait and keep in touch with my blog and the updates.
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