Saturday, May 31, 2014

MAY minibeauty HAUL

hi beauties, finally have this glory occasion to create a new post... I am so happy today to annauce my SUPERMINI beauty haul , actually today I was so elated because I got another lovely White Chrysant Flower from my dearest man in the world after my father hahaha. but okay, back to the topic, I present this for you...

enjoy my Hunting Results !!

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes (SMLC19)

Yeaahhh I always wonder this stuff but I always got a new distraction if I start to order this one, so, yeahh, I just had it in my first days of May.... and love it!
Price : IDR 85.000

2. CARING COLOURS BB Cream in Everlast

CC BBC in Everlast and TWC bonus!
I love this one as well and always be my holy grail BBC since the first I tried, I am really satisfied and you can check my review of that and the Luminizing serie overhere. And yappp, I got the bonus, their Extra Protection TWC serie in the shade Sea Gold, so natural, lovely bonus!!
Price : IDR 69.000

3. PIXY SILKY FIT LIPSTICK Satin in 503 Brown Sugar

PIXY SFL Satin in 503
This lipstick is mine! I mean this is the really nude color lipstick that suits on my skintone, you have to know that I am not a pink undertone girl to wear pinky nude or a really yellow undertone lady to wear a peach nude lipstick, but maybe I prefer to mention my self as a brown undertone girl to wear a brown nude lipstick color, and this kinda colour is works on my when I begin to look nude i my lip. But the thing is just the colour isn't that dark like in my picture above -___-
Price : IDR 24.000

4. SILKYGIRL Blush Hour in Dune Rose

This is actually for my best friend's birthday but, let me show how I love the colour!!
Price : IDR 40.000

5. POND'S White Beauty Shake and Clean

POND'S WB shake and Clean
This is my newest remover and I love the texture in skin but I really feel the alcohol -___-
Price : forget! under IDR 20.000 for 100ml

6. Unbranded Powder Brush

I urgently bought this one and I love it, so soft and suitable for powder in compact or loose and also blushes <3
Price : ICR 50.000

7. SARIAYU Shimmering Powder

SARIAYU Shimmering Powder
OMG, I really blessed to found this one, really good for create the glow look session, and its practically contains a powder, blush, bronzer, and highlighter in one place ahaaaa, smart choice for me!
Price : IDR 70.000

8. Mini Makeup Drawer

Mini Drawer
UHHHH, love this cutie made-by-paper drawer that holds my daily use makeup and can you see the pattern? it so girly and cute...
Price : forget!!! under IDR 50.000

9. EYECOM 3 Tone Softlens in Blue (not yet come!!!)

Eyecom 3 tone
this is not yet on my hand, ohhh my God! my fault to choice Pos Kilat to get this one, huuuuffff, I ordered it in May 25 btw, and a lot of red date! oyaaa I love the 3 tone color btw !!!
Price : IDR 75.000

so guyss... that's all my presentation of my May Minibeauty Haul... do you wanna request for some of them to be reviewed???? or did you ever have one of them??
Just tell me in the comment box bellow, I will so glad to read them.

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Bye - Byee!!!!

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