Saturday, May 3, 2014

MakeUp Collab - Arabian Gems (Agate)

hooohhhh May!!!
I can't believe I come back to this lonely blog since I left it in the last week of April, OMO, you guys definitely look for me right? hahaha. So in this special ocassion, I will present you a MakeUp Collaboration which is have the gorgeous title of "Arabian Gems", and this collaboration such an honor for me to work together with a fabulous and fun Indonesian Beauty Bloggers like Irene, Amanda, Luciana, Esy, Rere, Rani, and Amelia... wooo we also spent a lot of time to share almost about Everything, trust me, they're really like long-time-no-see-family. hahaha, well this is it our Official Banner created by Hilarious Esy....

A Little Bit of Agate - Stones of Health

can you see my face ha? LOL. Btw, I am really excited to finally get the brown theme and it's called "Agate - Stones of Health", well for Indonesian we usually call it as Batu Akik. the stone or even gem actually which has a bunch of benefit. yeaaah we definitely know it as the health icon for kinda stone, but FYI, this stone isn't only just for health purpose but also a stone that will show the charm, love, commanding, and strong side of the user. That is really represent me, literally! ignore it.

Agate - Stones of Health

sooo, now, may I present...... MY FACE ......

btw, before you see deeper, you should know, I try hard to look like Arabian and I found my self still really Indonesian LOL, so please don't mock me with the question why I don't have the same skintone, eyecolor, smile, and ellegance as the Arabian women or Princess have hahahahaha, but I still look sexy and exotics as usual right?? (once again, ignore it hehehehe)

so next to the next....

my not so serious pose

the classic style of Arabian pose ha?

eyemakeup inspired by Agate
just light orange brown in the crease, pinkish brown in inner corner and dark brown in outer corner.
like Lucy did, I also used a Scotch tape in the outer corner to make it neat.

hahaha, before you're very bored with my faces, now I present them again just in the grid hahahaha (no effect actually)

you bore? me too

so guys, that's all, the photos taken by talented @fikaaa73 thanks honey. Oyaah, definitely you have to go to check the other wonderful creations by amazing beauty bloggers, and yaahh, perhaps, much more better than me...
this is the link for you (look at the post that has the similiar title with mine):

And yahh, it's time for me to say good bye and Happy 22 Birthday for My Boyfriend yesterday May 2 !!! (ohhh, I'm starting again)

Please give me your thought, I know it still far from the word of Perfect, but by your comments and suggestions, I bet I'll be better.

Don't forget to follow my GFC and Google+ as well ladies hehehe
BYE BYE, See You!

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