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This is my place? Oh okay, I'll start to explain everything about me more and more. First of all, I'm Shinta guys, call me that. I used to start blogging in 2010 actually with this address over here , I started to explain all my daily activities as a student in middle year of high school. I published everything like do not have a privacy -__-, so in 2012 I decide to remove so many post in this blog and remain just a few. Hahaha, that is so embarrassing,  and in the last of 2013 I built my new blog (this blog) titled "Gorgeous Time with Shinta Laura" , that's why I always create so many 'Gorgeous' in my greetings. And finally in the first of 2014 it (probably) permanently change in to "Shinta Laura Dewani's Room" that actually purposed to reborn my name and rebuild a new rate for this blog that really placed in the bottom for the first time even for searching my own name -__-.

By the way, actually I want to be a serious fashion blogger or beauty blogger . But you know, my capital doesn't really fit for that ha ha, yet you have to know that every content I post, I did it seriously and I hope it help so many people not only in my own country but also internationally :). I use English because I don't want to create a barrier to all the visitors that I believe in this great technology era every people in all countries have the possibility to visits my blog. Despite I know that my english isn't really perfect, I still want to learn and want to give it a try. You guys in Indonesia don't worry, I do speak Bahasa Indonesia and even fluently speak Basa Jawa ^_^

FYI and BTW, I want to go to Europe someday, take some pictures,  buy and use my original branded bags and outfits uhhhh Amin. I also want to create a life changing experience through this blog, I just believe it guys hmmm. I'm craving to be on the screen, featured on media, be an inspirations with my own way. But maybe heretofore,  I still looking for my truly passion. So whatever things I desire, I believe my Big God will deliver it to me with the right time, and the perfect coming.  That's just a few of all, and don't worry, I don't want you to daydream about that. Haha, by the way, I'm gonna create some of biodata,  check them below :

★ Full name : Shinta Laura Dewani
★ Nick name : Shinta
★ Surname : Swatantra
★ Birthplace and date : Kediri, East Java - October, 12th 1993
★ Nationality : Indonesia
★ Ethnic : Javanese
★ Skintone and Type : NC42 (MAC), 857 (COVERGIRL) Suntanned brown and Normal
★ Eye color : Dark Brown
★ Hair color / Currently Hair Color : Brownish Black / Blue Black
★ Height / weight : 157cm / 50kg
★ Favorite beauty stuffs: #1 Lipstick, #2 Eyeshadow, #3 BB Cream, #4 Mascara
★ Favorite Fashion stuffs : #1 Dresses, #2 Peplum Tops, #3 Bags, #4 Shoes
★ Favorite Dailylife stuffs : #1 Tablets, #2 Smartphone, #3 Money -__-
★ Dress Size : M
★ Shoe Size : 37 (high heels, flat shoes, and wedges), 38 (Boots)
★ Personal Style : Girly Shopisticated, All Season Wear, Vintage (sometimes)
★ Education : Bachelor Program in Finance and Banking (Batch 2011), Brawijaya University, Indonesia
★ Occupations : Business Owner of GALLANT FOX -  House of Design, freelance Fashion Designer, Tourism Ambassador, Student of University
★ Passions : Arts, fashion, banking, pageant, fine arts, finance, business, entrepreneur
★ Hobbies : browsing, blogging, fashion designing,  business dealing, meet clients, make up trying, hairdo, fashion trying

If you want to know more about me and my deeper personality,  you can check my:

♥ Facebook : www.facebook.com/dewani.swatantra (bahasa indonesia)
♥ Instagram : shintadelaora
♥ Path : shintadelaora
♥ Linkedin : Shinta Laura Dewani (Business Owner in Gallant Fox - House of Design)
♥ BBM Pin : 74CDA579 (with subject : Blogspot)
♥ Twitter : @ShintaDewani (this is my new private twitter)

For business, get my personal phone number, other interest, email me on : shinta.lauradewani@gmail.com

so this is me in photos, I will update it soon

the exotics bones

the redishgreen autumn
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