Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review : Marcks' Venus Loose Powder VS Revlon Face Powder

hello guys, nice to see this lonely blog again, and today I will cheer this up with present a review that for the first time in forever I create a comparisons of 2 products. And today was the turn of Marcks' Venus and Revlon to show their face off. Let's get started...!!!

1. Reason to Compare them:
- Same range of price
- all loose powder (definitely)
- all mine (of course)
- i have only this two for this almost same quality, weight, and price
.......trying to focus...

2. Packaging Appearances
today Im not gonna explain them completely, both of them is simple, Venus stand on light royal blue and Revlon with glossy black. Venus has a netto in 20g while Revlon 24g, but Venus has a bigger size than Revlon. And for now, just take a look ....

(oya one thing, both of them provide a puff, but Venus has much more better, in case that Revlon has a poor quality of puff that give me so many flakes of puff materials, or whatever it called -___-

Marcks' Venus


which one do you prefer Shin? Im in line with REVLON

3. Texture
- Venus : has a little bit rough texture than any other loose powder that I have, I think. But the good thing is, it has a good matte finish (for me as an Matte Girl). Then it sometimes left some residual powder on skin if we are not blend it perfectly. but it's not really bother me. 

- Revlon : yes, of course it smoother than Venus, but I don't think it has a matte finish and shine free surface like I wish. but for some occasion, it will be really helps. it good when dabbed on face, no more powder stain.



swatch comparison, but I still think that they're swapped -__- so please read all of the word here completely

Which one become your Fav now? I think Both have their own specialty to work in certain look

4. Performance
- Venus : Good Coverage for an ordinary loose powder, with longer staying power than Revlon in my own experience. I love the shine free and matte finish that can hold up to several hours, maybe just a glow (yah sure, I mean glow haha) in my nose. But I think I need a darker shade than this shade (Natural Beige 02).

- Revlon : It's really good to create a silky glow look, it has a sheer coverage, and not really long to stay on my face. the good thing is I love the smell, a very soft and natural look is easy to created with this. I don't think that it's good for more than 5 hours without touch up, especially if you have an oily face, lucky me, Iam dry -____-

Don't ask again, I prefer Marcks' Venus for now hahaha

5. Price
- Venus : IDR 30.000 (USD 3) now maybe (20g).
- Revlon : IDR 35.000 (USD 3) for 24g

my Fav goes to.......... two of them. thanks, I'm really hesitated.

so guys, that was a short Comparison Review , I hope it help you to know another references of one of them or both of them. Just let me know what do you think dear...

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bye bye....
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