Sunday, April 13, 2014

My April's Beauty Haul

hahhhh finally I can post this after a lot of time I wait until I feel bore to buy new product again, and this is it.....

My April's Beauty Haul....

Red A Eye Shadow F, Pink and Purple
my reason to buy this was actually my love at the first sight with the color and price. the eyeshadow that you see was destroyed by my boyfriend in accident in pink color! hawwwrrrr
Price: IDR 15.600 / USD 1,xx

Inez Colour Contour Plus Concealing Stick no 02
my now concealer, long time don't have this item. I find this from several review and my journey to trying all the concealer in the couner, LOL. choose the darkest shade which is medium 02. and almost same with my face skintone.
Price : IDR 33.000 / USD 3

SilkyGirl Moisture Max Lip Gloss no 08 Wine
i crave this stuff in a long waiting until I decided to buy it in Matahari and I choose the color number 08 in Wine. shimmery glossy sexy .... mmmuach
Price : IDR 39.500 / USD 3,x

Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte no 83
wawww, I just found it by accident and Im inlove with this local matte lipstick, the color so natural and really matte but won't dry my dry lip! perfect.
Price : IDR 28.000 / USD 2,x

Revlon Touch & Glow Extra Moisturizing Face Powder 24g in Tawny Beige 70
this is the famous face powder from Revlon that I finally can't hold my self to buy, yap and with the darkest shade of this product, I still feel that this is a little bit lighter than my skin tone in a few level -___-
Price : IDR 37.000 / USD 3,x

Face on Face Nourishing Blush On in Blooming Rose
in the case of finding the nude pink blush on, I walk slowly in the Hypermart and find this blush on and inloved with the color and again the price! hahaha
Price : IDR 23.000 / USD 2

Pixy Cleansing Express Brightening 100ml
This is one of my holy grail skincare, mmm remove exactly. I just can say that this is good and alcohol-free :)
Price: IDR 9000 / USD < 1

Pond's White Beauty Lightening Toner
since Pond's became my holy grail skincare, I think it's good for me to choose this toner although this is not from the series that I always use actually.
Price: IDR 19.000 / USD 1<2

Pond's FW Lightening Day Cream Mini Tube
I'am running out f my skincare in the same time, and for the saving I choose the mini tube of this cream, still long wear anyway.
Price : IDR 20.000 / USD 2

Pond's FW Brightening Night Cream
I actually wanna buy the mini siza but due to the big sale from Hypermart I dare to decided to buy this big one hahahaha,...
Price : (Normal) 77.000 / USD 7

Eyebrow Cutter
I forget the brand or the other information, I left the package to my boyfriend. this has two other refills for the sharpener.
Price : IDR 10.000 / USD 1

Keli Cosmetic Brush 510
this is my new brush for the pointy brushing use. and this is in the single package.
Price : IDR 7500 / USD >1

Rose Lay Circle Sponge Puff
this picture actually captured after this stuff used. hahaha. Iam sorry for the dirt. and this is I use for my Marcs Venus Loose Powder.
Price : IDR 3000 / USD >1

So guys, that's all. My very first Haul come to this month. I hope I'll gain a lot of beauty stuff in free and yaaahhh tell me about your thought again. This affordable haul specially present to you who are love beauty and saving wakakakaka.

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see you....

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