Saturday, April 12, 2014

How To : Our 9 Multifunction Makeups in My Version

Hi guys... eventually God gimme a great day to back to this creepy blog again huahahaha #evillaugh
So today I am gonna post something informative mix with a little bit How To content about what is the Multifunction Makeup? How it works? Is that good? 
Hahaha, so many fabulous thing I wanna share, I get it from some article and mostly, from my daily saving experiences :*

So these are it, The Multifunction Makeups start from....

1. Dark Brown Eyeshadow for Eyebrow
Just simply use it with the small angled brush and start do that with adjust the angle to your brow shape with your own style. You'll get a cool natural eyebrow and look so effortless. Love ♥

2. Shimmer White Nuance Color Used as Highlighter
Yuhuuu, you definitely ever read my previous post about this hihihiiii. I use my shimmery white eyeshadow to dab my upper cheek bone with and the other areas. It will create a new way to highlight my face area and it definitely be a very useful cosmetics for us!

3. Brown Eyeshadow to be the New Contouring Bronzer
Several problem I got from bronzer was, the color sometimes changed to orange and not really pop out. So after watching a gorgeous makeup tricks from Kristofer Buckle, I decided to change my bronzer function in to my brown eyeshadow. Just blend it in the lower cheek bone then smoothen it with brown blush on or smooth dab of bronzer in the second layer. Voilaaa, you'll get the my cheeck bwahahahaha...

4. Eyeshadow Primer is the Strongest Lip Liner
Red lips is everyone's favourite since ever! So what is actually be the main problem??? Yah you right! The color isn't long lasting sometimes? Yaahhh, just create the outer line in your lip with eyeshadow primer, and the daring red lips like Taylor Swift will last in a whole day!

6. Black Eyeliner for Pigmented Black Smokey Eyes
Did you ever felt the same way with me when created a smokey eyes then the black color just so sheer? I suddenly thing that my black eyeliner will change the function!  Haha, use your black eyeliner, whatever the variants,  like stylo, gel, even pencil will very usefull for this look. But the gel one is the better actually. Just dab it to your lids depend on your smokey eyes shape and Va Va Voom, the most pigmented blabk smokey eyes will happen on your eyes! Haha

7. The Mascara is Your New Eyeliner
Forget to placed your favourite eyeliner in makeup bag ? Running out of your old eyeliner? Don't worry as long as you have mascara and small angled brush, just do this step! Take the mascara gel with your brush like take from gel eyeliner, and kindly use it into your eye line as usual. So easy solution right?

8. Liptint for the Cutie Cheek and Eyes
Everyone know about this right? Just dab with the applicator carefully in the area that you want, and take a selfie hahahaha... so useful . Again.

9. Satin Lipstick for Glow Your Cheeks
Yaaah, this is one of my favourite thing to do definitely. Sometimes when I wanna create a  glowing look, I used my satin nude lipstick for the new blush on. It will look so nice glossy and still  natural. Isn't that really important?  Hahahah

So guys, that's all.
I believe that you have your own way to create your multifunction makeup stuff. Tell me your version, pleasee... and gimme your thoughts about this post by write the comments down below..

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