Thursday, September 25, 2014

Makeover + How to: Fresh and Dare Makeup Look

Hi girls, shinta is back and today I am gonna take you into my version of 

Fresh and Dare Makeup look....

the way you'll find the good combination of natural and bright thingy...

let's start the simply tutorial and tips from me !!!

btw this time, my model is my Talented Photographer @fikaaa73 and she was so excited to get makeover by me because she really wanted to get this look ahahaha !!!

1. Brow 😠
Create the brow just like your natural brow shape and follow it! The Best!

2. Eyes πŸ‘€
Lid = Metallic Brown
Crease = Medium Brown
Upper liner = Winged black eyeliner
Water line = white kohl pencil
Lash = Natural and fresh style fake lashes

3. Cheek 😳
Highlighting in the upper, Pink Blush in the apple, and brownish in the lower bone to create all perfect shape and contour. 

4. Lip πŸ’‹
Fresh Magenta or Reddish Pink, or Shocking Pink πŸ’„

and do you wanna take a look???
here they are....

btw this makeover happened last night so the lighting is terrible !!
Sorry..... 😣

More about the detail

Before and After

Eaaaa... tante beraksi

All About Last Night

Thankyou fika.... you're pretty before or after makeup btw 😘

So what do you think guys????
All this photo is #nofilter

Im waiting your thought on the comment box hihihi πŸ™Œ

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