Saturday, September 27, 2014

Makeover and How To: Sweet Purple for Sweet Lady

Hi ladies, again with the makeover agenda, and today is the time for my former roommate, Driya Primasthi who has a very sweet-cute-and-pretty face and really pleasure to do this thing

I love almost all her structure !!
and now I present

Sweet Purple for Sweet Lady 

so enjoy the mini tutorial here.....

Just like a very common way of me on eyebrow, I just follow the natural line and Voila, I get that!!!


I choose this pretty romantic colours and here the details:
1. Lid : Pink (inner until middle) , Purple (outer until middle I lay a little bit black in the outer corner before this colour)
2. Crease : Soft Brown
3. Liner : Black in upper, white in waterline


Brown Contour in lower cheek bone and nose, pink blush in apple cheek, hilite in upper bone

Before and After (all pretty)

Mauve Gloss
(Most glam natural colour gloss ever!!!)

So that's it girls, is that count as a beautiful photo tonight?

btw, these photos all taken in afternoon light sooooo, again Im sorry huhuhu T.T

What do you think??
Share me your thought..
waiting you in comment box girls...

see yaa....

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