Monday, December 8, 2014


hello pretty girls, time leads us to go fastly to the another year, but before it eventually happen, permit me to show some of my beauty haul, it just a few and I hunted it not just in this month but previous month as well, but I still treat them as my new cute stuff btw xixixixi, so here it is....

Let's start with....

1. Wardah Everyday BB Cream in Natural
I bought this one because it so affordable and local and Halal, and I read a bunch of good reviews on it, so give it a try is not a crime yeahh
IDR 21.000

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo - Dark Brown

looking for high quality of brow product but got no time for doing special brow ritual every single busy morning, This is a bit expensive, but mimo said that the quality is worth the value :)
IDR 300.000

3. B.liv by Cellnique Off With Those Heads
finally I got a special shot for trying this wonderful bad-heads remover, and voilaaaa, if you wanna see the result, just keep on updating my blog, Im gonna update it sooner!
IDR 590.000

4. Tammia Cat Angle Brush

I actually have another older angled brush for my brow by Pupa, but I don't really satisfied so I try this one and I found a really perfect match for my new ABH :D
IDR 37.900

5. Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation - N4 Nude Beige

just CLICK HERE if you wanna see the full review and story about this cool foundie ;)
IDR 165.000

6. Makeover Blush On Refill - 05 Brown Strada

it's not just a blush, it's a fantastic Bronzer I've been searching for, and it's cheap, in this case is in the refill thing :p
IDR 39.000

7. Makover Liquid Lip Color - Macchiato

this product brings the cafe atmosphere, it's a macchiato, no kidding, both in the shade and the smell!!! Superlove!
IDR 75.000

8. Loreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick - Maple Mocha

Owhh My GOD, I loooovvvveeee this one, see the full story and how it works on me HERE !!!!
IDR 149.000

9. Ultima II Wonderwear Pressed Powder - 04 Neutral

don't get it wrong, but all the shade is NEUTRAL, hffff, this stuff never moved from my bag, essential thing of my day haha
IDR 165.000

10. Miratone Hair Color - 2BB Blue Black

sooo, I decided to back to my darkest hair again, it's not just Black, it's NAVY and I love it, I feel like Javanese evenmore, so here's the look payoff

creepy bare face, I still feel so gorgeous, no comment wkwkwk
IDR 33.000

So that is all. Im sorry for the worse quality of pictures, I did it very quickly while in the other hand I have to finish my PPT for tomorrow Thesis presentation, wish me the best of luck guyss...

And this also  just a little haul but it does make my day, so how about your haul???
do you interested to ask me which one I got to review first???
tell me that in the comment box


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