Thursday, February 27, 2014

FOTD : Tonight Contour and Shading Experiments

God Evening Ladies....
Hi gorgeous,  this is my very first labels I guess for my blog, this is one of my experiments to get a sharp and high cheek and jaw bone. And actually I was inspired by someone famous and I remember his name finally, Kristofer Buckle. He is one of the top make up artist in USA that created a lot of gorgeous and invisible arts for the pop stars like Mariah Carey and Madonna,  waaahhh...

And tonight I wanna show what I got through this amateur photos, and sure... the night mode tablet quality..
I'm not using my camera because I actually have no plan to blog this look..
But yaah lets take a look...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Please, Help Me to Find the Right Lipstick !

Hi Gorgeous!  I'm so confuse to choose which one (or more) will be a really good choice for my MATTE LIPSTICK collection.

Jadi ceritanya agak setress tiap kali beli matte lipen selalu gak sip, ada yg salah tekstur, salah warna, sampek gak cocok di bibir agak keringku..
Please help me T.T !!!

So next month, I wanna buy one or more matte lipstick and these are the candidates:

1. NYX Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar
2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan or Antwerp or San Paulo
3. MAKE OVER Ultra Hi Matte Lipstick
4. Revlon Color Stay Suede Lipstick
5. Wardah Longlasting Lipstick
6. Your Choices.......

Is there any recommendations? 
I want to get moisturizing matte lipstick with a sharp nude to pinkish or brownish color and yahh sure, with still affordable price...

Kasi tau aku yuukk, agak bingung ngejelasin nya yg jelas aku suka yg gk gitu kering banget n warnanya natural atau nude tapi masi keliatan n cocok buat kulit eksotisku -__-

I'm waiting for your precious responses girls....
Thankyou for take your time to read and help me... T.T

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How To : DIY Fix the Unstoppable Restart Tablet

Hi gorgeous... I post that title to make you know why I often post something nowadays.  Yess, my tablets, error again. And this time not about blank like I share you here before, but this is about unstoppable restart that make me mad so bad. Huff...

So what I actually did to fix that and make it back to normal by my self (no, my boyfriend actually haha) ? ? ? First of all I wanna share a atory that I already looked for so many help for eveyone in internet. But it doesn't works, so I give you our original solution...

Yap this is it...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Story : This Blog Now Listed on Indonesian Beauty Blogger

Hi gorgeous! 

I'm excited to say that finally this blog officially listed on Indonesian Beauty Blogger aka IBB or you can visit over here . This is a great platform for me to get a lot of related passion information about beauty and share everything about that, also allowed to participate to their events. And I'm very happy and proud that actually I become the First Official Beauty Blogger from Kediri, yah my hometown.

Actually there was a little bit problem about my city location, yap this was truly my false. I registered twice, first with Malang city location because I still study here so I think is better to clustered here but second of allI think again that I will not here forever so I decided to register again with Kediri City, my born and raised hometown. And also a little bit misunderstanding about take me to Gresik City clustering so I submitted my purpose and yaahhh, I eventually get the place! :D the problem just easy to be solved. They were really kind... :)

Although their website hasn't been updated for the blogger list, but their Facebook Account and the approval via email already get me to their member list... for the next I will be so happy to blogging and sharing and be their truly member. Hope that I will attend their gathering events someday.

So guys, here is it...
The picture approval...

The email approval Above and the 
Facebook Update below!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review : Garnier All in One BB Cream

Hmmm, after a lot of consideration about all the turmoil in my mind posted on this and this , I decide to back to be happy and just let everything go slowly, enjoy the new day as usual student, and yeaahh start to blogging. And today, I'm back with review! I actually want to post this in the past few days,  but the circumstances that happen not really good for review a beauty thing, I don't know,  just don't want it wrong hmmm... so this is the BB Cream from Garnier which is actually not a new stuff for nowadays beauties,  but yaah, I just wanna explain my experiences while using this one... so check check check this out !

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Story : Finally, Malang and All The Sadness

Sad sad, I am sad!

I just realized that 30 isn't again be a big number. Yahh, 30 days. My totally home vacation,  just with family, happy until crazy, sad until scared. I spent a lot of wonderful time with them, Mother, Father, my Younger Sister.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Story : Menjadi Saksi Mata Meletusnya Gunung Kelud 2014

Hi gorgeous,  sengaja ngepost ini mulai dari judul sampai postingan dengan bahasa Indonesia. Dan dilihat dari judul, yahhhh gak jauh - jauh lahh dari peristiwa yang mulai terjadi kemarin 13 Februari 2014 tepatnya pukul 22.50 di salah satu Gunung terunik di Indonesia dan dunia ini, Gunung Kelud. Yang ikut menjadi daftar tambahan peristiwa gunung meletus setelah Gunung Sinabung di Kabupaten Karo, Sumatera Utara. Kejadiannya sangat cepat dari perkiraan.  Yah, banyak dari kami yang melihat kengan segala kegugupan, apalagi kami memiliki keluarga didaerah yang lebih dekat radiusnya dari sana. Sebelumnya ini paoaran singkat letak dan kondisi aku berada:

Waktu fase letusan 1 : pukul 23.00 an (13 Feb 2014) sampai pagi subuh (14 Feb 2013)
Posisi : Kecamatan Wates, Kab. Kediri (+- radius 10 sampai belasan km dari area)
Kejelasan fenomena : Sangat jelas, hujan abu cukup deras (kawasan terdekat dari Kelud untuk Pengungsian)
Perasaan : jangan tanya dehhh, speechless!

Dan saya tekankan bahwa semua tulisan yang saya post di blog saya ini murni dari pendapat maupun fakta yang saya beri maupun terima sendiri, cerita ini diceritakan oleh Shinta Laura Dewani sebagai pribadi yaa...

So I will tearfully start this story from ...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to : Exotics Look From Top to Toe in My Version

Hi gorgeous.... this blog is still under maintenance but today I can't hold my self to start to post again, and today I'm gonna give you an How To about exotics look in my version as an Indonesian.  And this is surely suitable for you who also have the exotic look like me or wanna be exotic waa...

And of course because I present my way from top to toe I will start this from....

Monday, February 10, 2014

WARNING : Blog Maintenance

Hi Guys, start from today until the last February,  this blog will be under maintenance. 
So guys if you find so many odd appearances please forgive and ignore it heheehee...

This is the way to eye catching blog look.

Thank you guys....
Thanks for your understanding and attention :)

The Author

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review : Wardah Sunscreen Gel SPF 30

Good Day everyone, Kediri so hoot today, but I still have the spirit for every hard or lazy activities because this is the last week to this semester vacation, and the next week I will be the Ngalamers again hahaha, I mean Malang part time student, full time adventurer again. Leaving this glorious home and family, ohhh saaddd! But okay back to topic,  because the hot rainy season is coming and definitely need extra protection,  I have this play tool, haha, Wardah Sunscreen Gel SPF 30 that is originally come from this beloved country and also stored until regional South East Asia like Malaysia. 
And today, I'm gonna review it hope you guys from Indonesia or all over the world get the right info for this product too.

I will start it from...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review : Cussons Baby Cream Soft & Smooth Almond & Rose Oil

Hi guys, you can laugh now! Hahaha, what? A baby? Reviewing the baby's stuff..
Ooohh nonononooooo, you gonna kiss me if you try this one to your skin... I love love love this cream.

So  sit down and check my review! Hahaha

This is my favourite self healing for my terrible and dry skin condition. Its difficult to looking for the safe, comfortable,  moisturizing,  and not sticky, ohh one more, nicely affordable price. Hahaha so my choice goes to this, Cusson Baby Cream, and come on this is babys product that really mean it's safe and good too.

Story : Why I Don't Really Like My Own Photos !

Hi Gorgeous,  today i wanna start everything with my sad story, bwahhaaha, when I'm in the front of pro photographer (sometimes I get a job as a photo model),  I feel like enjoy and always have a gorgeous result. Several of my friends also call me Photogenic!  And yah, tell me about it. Hahaha. but FYI, I have a big problem with my own photos sometimes! Why??? It will explained and described below.

So Shinta, what's the reason?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Review : La Tulipe Matt & Satin Lipstick (Bold Color Lipstick)

Hi gorgeous,  I'm back with Lipstick review, this time from La Tulipe, one of the best makeup brand from Indonesia so today I'll mix my language with bahasa to make all you guys especially Indonesian feel so comfy to read my post. ^_^

Hahaha, hari ini saatnya mereview salah satu brand makeup kece asal Indonesia yang gk jarang digunakan sama makeup artist lo. Tapi mungkin bukan salah satu yg masuk favorit aku hehehe... 
Kali ini review makeup nya dari La Tulipe yaak, kebetulan yg bold color yg aku punya, yg nude lbh prefer punyak merek lain.

So I'll star this review from:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fashion : Traditional Photos Collections

I have a lot of collections for my traditional wear photos, but for a while, just these photos remained in my gadget.  If I found the new photos, I will definitely update it soon :D

Enjoy gorgeous!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Music on Playlist : Bruno Mars - When I was Your Man

Uuuhh, I can't sing this sad regretful song... I want to cry like a baby and I was like, hmm every boy should learn something about this song! You guys have to now that looking for a strong and special woman ain't always happen to your life twice or even thousand times. It probably just come to your story in once. You must treat her well, be and do the best that you can do. Prepare everything special for the special and the limited one before everything change and you aren't gonna get the next chance!!. Huhuhuhuuuu T.T

So this is it...

How To : Do Daily Routine Face Care ( My Version )

Hi Gorgeous,  this is time for me to explain what exactly I use for my daily face care. My friends, families, neighbours, and some people always say that my face yaaahh not reallybright but so clean and healthy, what's the secret? Oh noo, that's a little bit over ahahaha... yapp yeaah, I know my self that this face and skin is healthy and clean. But it doesn't mean that I never meet the holy pimples -__-. I have no reason to prove that my pimples and the other face enemies come out because my puberty.  It usually visit my face when I use the new toxic -__- hahaha, I mean wearing a wrong cosmetic. And a couple months ago I eventually face that on my face againbecause I use one of the three way cake product . huhhh. I'm so damn sad and panic how to save my glorious natural face... oh noooo...

Until finally I found my sweetheart. Yaap my right face care ever. And this is how I use it right as weel and getting flawless day by day...
Yapp, I ain't gonna review again my face care from POND'S Flawless White because I ever reviewed it here. So today I'm gonna show you how the right order to wear them and how to adjust it with your face conditions.

So this is the right steps (start from your bare clean washed face) in my own version:

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Review : Oriflame Wonder Liner Liquid Eyeliner

Morning Gorgeous! 
Today is so fresh, I feel like so glad to face all the today's to-do agenda, but yeaah, I want to start today with blogging, hahaha, and this time I'm gonna reviewing my old Eye Liner from Oriflame that actually lost since today T.T (searching progress). FYI, I'm not an eyeliner junkie,  I don't like to wear, may because my eyes actually big and sharp wakakakak. And I think a little bit weird and over when I wear this kind of cosmetics, but in several ways,  I definitely use it, for example of course when I'm on Tourism Ambassador duty or my special dinner, hmmmm.

So I start this review from the....

♥ Packaging appearance
I love the packaging so much, like a long slim cone. The black color so elegant and yaah, maybe this is a must color for the black liquid eyeliner. The applicator shape seems like drawing pen or coloring pen or here in Indonesia we call spidol -__-, so it definitely help us to get a good, sharp, and clear line , talk about the appearance, although I do love this shape, but I still obsessed with the shape of NYX curve eyeliner -___-

♥ Performance Result
The result was so nice in the beginning when I first bought this stuff. So soft, semi-glossy but also semi-matte. But I think when I use it nowadays, the quality result was a little bit decrease.  But I still love the result. It quickly dry, has a long lasting endurance, and waterproof.  Despite when you over wash it with water, it will slowly fade and melt in around your eyes. So use it carefully and the result will so nice and gorgeous.

♥ How to Remove
I believe it has a strong performance,  so I can't remove that just with soap or any other foam. I have to remove it with Cleansing Express or Eye Make Up Remover. But I personally use Pixy Cleansing Express Matte Finish and it clearly remove. So easy when you have the right one.

The price still affordable but I forget the exactly price, about IDR 89.000 or USD 8. I forget the weight, but it can last up to a couple months use even more than a year for me.

♥ Repurchase?
I'm not kinda eyeliner mania,  but maybe YES or try another haha

♥ The Photos

The Appearances, where are you now? T.T

Result on my own eyes, ignore the panda look -__-

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Official Results = Puteri Indonesia 2014

Puteri Indonesia 2014 (Miss Universe Indonesia) / Winner =
East Java - Elvira Devinamira Wirayanti

Puteri Indonesia 2014 Lingkungan (Miss International Indonesia) / 1st Runner Up = 
South Sumatra - Elfin Pertiwi Rappa

Puteri Indonesia 2014 Pariwisata (Miss Supranational Indonesia) / 2nd Runner Up = 
Yogyakarta Special Region - Estelita Liana

Top 5 =
Central Java - Rakhmi Wijiharti 
Jakarta Special Capital Region 2 - Noor Zabilla Bambang Soeprapto

Top 10 =
Gorontalo - Vensca Veronica Tanus 
Jakarta Special Capital Region 5 - Dini Marlien Takola 
Jambi - Fieka Soraya 
Papua - Maria Fransisca Tambingon 
West Sumatra - Raisa Adila Andomi

Favorite Islands' Princesses =

♥ Favorite Princess of Sumatera = West Sumatra - Raisa Adila Andomi
♥ Favorite Princess of Java = Jakarta Special Capital Region 4 - Ayeesha Thyzianza Jielda Prindhini
♥ Favorite Princess of Lesser Sundas = East Nusa Tenggara - Dyathra Silvana Baten
♥ Favorite Princess of Kalimantan = West Kalimantan - Rizka Afriandhita Edmanda
♥ Favorite Princess of Sulawesi = Gorontalo - Vensca Veronica Tanus
♥ Favorite Princess of Eastern Indonesia = North Maluku - Claudia Arfianna Djafaar

Special Awards =

Puteri Indonesia 2014 Persahabatan (Miss Indonesia Congeniality) =
North Sumatra - Mega Trynastasia Sembiring

Puteri Indonesia 2014 Berbakat (Miss Indonesia Talent) =
South Sumatra - Elfin Pertiwi Rappa
Top 3 Talent =
- Jakarta Special Capital Region 2 Noor - Zabilla Bambang Soeprapto
- West Java - Suci Nurhadiah

Puteri Indonesia 2014 Intelegensia (Miss Indonesia Intelligence) =
I. Central Kalimantan - Srianna Sihombing
II. West Sumatra - Raisa Adila Andomi
III. Jakarta Special Capital Region 5 - Dini Marlien Takola

Welcome Gorgeous February!

Good day all, I'm really excited to see that today's February,  I do love the spirits of a new month and to be honest, not because this month usually called as the month of love or simply called Valentine's Day. Not at all. I'm not a person who celebrate that anyway... Hehe

So guys I just want to once again say Welcome to My Blog in the February edition. There are so many content I want to post, including Reviews, How to, Stories, and also my Playlist. Not to mention several things that out from the blogtag that is gonna make you always smiling as the visitors of this blog.

So yaaahh, I'm just giving the prologue,  you can always follow this land and stay tuned to get the most gorgeous!
See you.....

Pict : Bali, Indonesia (2010)
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