Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review : Wardah Sunscreen Gel SPF 30

Good Day everyone, Kediri so hoot today, but I still have the spirit for every hard or lazy activities because this is the last week to this semester vacation, and the next week I will be the Ngalamers again hahaha, I mean Malang part time student, full time adventurer again. Leaving this glorious home and family, ohhh saaddd! But okay back to topic,  because the hot rainy season is coming and definitely need extra protection,  I have this play tool, haha, Wardah Sunscreen Gel SPF 30 that is originally come from this beloved country and also stored until regional South East Asia like Malaysia. 
And today, I'm gonna review it hope you guys from Indonesia or all over the world get the right info for this product too.

I will start it from...

1. Packaging
Just simple plastic packaging, completed with a tube. With white and light blue design like the other Wardah color. Not really special, but nice enaugh.

2. Texture
This is actually a white tinted gel, easy absorbed, and not really sticky, sometimes in the right yime, I feel this gel a little bit cool, haha. It also moisturizing I think.

3. Performance
I'm not really expert in assessing a sun protection, as long as I can see that my face not seemed burned or something haha. But I just want to emphasize that this isn't sunblock, that means, it just create a screen on your face over the sun, but not gonna blocks the sunlight. I personally not really know about this until I looked for this information. I think its good for you who did every activities indoor, but not recommended for outdoor activities. 
Oh I remember one thing, after I use this stuff in my unhealthy face condition when I do self beauty healing a couple months ago, I've even got a pimple again -__-. Now I use it for my hand and feet sun protectant btw

4. Price
About IDR 30.000 or USD 3 in a couple months ago for 40 ml

5. Repurchase? 
No, I prefer using sunblock or moisturizer with SPF and PA

RATE ♥♥♡♡♡

And these..... the photos, for the completely details

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