Sunday, February 2, 2014

Review : Oriflame Wonder Liner Liquid Eyeliner

Morning Gorgeous! 
Today is so fresh, I feel like so glad to face all the today's to-do agenda, but yeaah, I want to start today with blogging, hahaha, and this time I'm gonna reviewing my old Eye Liner from Oriflame that actually lost since today T.T (searching progress). FYI, I'm not an eyeliner junkie,  I don't like to wear, may because my eyes actually big and sharp wakakakak. And I think a little bit weird and over when I wear this kind of cosmetics, but in several ways,  I definitely use it, for example of course when I'm on Tourism Ambassador duty or my special dinner, hmmmm.

So I start this review from the....

♥ Packaging appearance
I love the packaging so much, like a long slim cone. The black color so elegant and yaah, maybe this is a must color for the black liquid eyeliner. The applicator shape seems like drawing pen or coloring pen or here in Indonesia we call spidol -__-, so it definitely help us to get a good, sharp, and clear line , talk about the appearance, although I do love this shape, but I still obsessed with the shape of NYX curve eyeliner -___-

♥ Performance Result
The result was so nice in the beginning when I first bought this stuff. So soft, semi-glossy but also semi-matte. But I think when I use it nowadays, the quality result was a little bit decrease.  But I still love the result. It quickly dry, has a long lasting endurance, and waterproof.  Despite when you over wash it with water, it will slowly fade and melt in around your eyes. So use it carefully and the result will so nice and gorgeous.

♥ How to Remove
I believe it has a strong performance,  so I can't remove that just with soap or any other foam. I have to remove it with Cleansing Express or Eye Make Up Remover. But I personally use Pixy Cleansing Express Matte Finish and it clearly remove. So easy when you have the right one.

The price still affordable but I forget the exactly price, about IDR 89.000 or USD 8. I forget the weight, but it can last up to a couple months use even more than a year for me.

♥ Repurchase?
I'm not kinda eyeliner mania,  but maybe YES or try another haha

♥ The Photos

The Appearances, where are you now? T.T

Result on my own eyes, ignore the panda look -__-
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