Sunday, February 16, 2014

Story : Finally, Malang and All The Sadness

Sad sad, I am sad!

I just realized that 30 isn't again be a big number. Yahh, 30 days. My totally home vacation,  just with family, happy until crazy, sad until scared. I spent a lot of wonderful time with them, Mother, Father, my Younger Sister.

The moment was so wrong for me. The last days have to be a real good time but that disease happened, that Kelud eruption and everything after that, make my day now feel so lonely after back to this another city. I thought that this vacation is actually my last time with them as a child. Next semester I'll do my internship, then in the next chance I have to face all my last exercises in collage including my thesis. Why it so fast God? Maybe after all of this I still have to go to a place where I will be one of the new city workers.  Be an adult,  grow so fast. Getting married,  have children, then I proudly see my self getting mature. But how about my parents? Are they still the same? Or they getting older too?

I don't know what I supposed to do more than finish what I have ever started. I hope, I could always be their proud. Be an incredible child for my parents, a gorgeous inspirations for my sister, be a smart kindheart wife for my future husband, and be what I personally want to be.

I am sad now, yahh, in the wrong time, I have my own alone escapade. Try to excite, but all that happen in the past few days,  the catastrophe near my house has robbed all my focus. I still think about them at home. And just simply pray, hope all the thing that ever predicted,  not gonna happen that terrible. Safe my family there, in the name of You. GOD.

Old Picture, with my sister Sesy and our innocent face
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