Thursday, February 20, 2014

Story : This Blog Now Listed on Indonesian Beauty Blogger

Hi gorgeous! 

I'm excited to say that finally this blog officially listed on Indonesian Beauty Blogger aka IBB or you can visit over here . This is a great platform for me to get a lot of related passion information about beauty and share everything about that, also allowed to participate to their events. And I'm very happy and proud that actually I become the First Official Beauty Blogger from Kediri, yah my hometown.

Actually there was a little bit problem about my city location, yap this was truly my false. I registered twice, first with Malang city location because I still study here so I think is better to clustered here but second of allI think again that I will not here forever so I decided to register again with Kediri City, my born and raised hometown. And also a little bit misunderstanding about take me to Gresik City clustering so I submitted my purpose and yaahhh, I eventually get the place! :D the problem just easy to be solved. They were really kind... :)

Although their website hasn't been updated for the blogger list, but their Facebook Account and the approval via email already get me to their member list... for the next I will be so happy to blogging and sharing and be their truly member. Hope that I will attend their gathering events someday.

So guys, here is it...
The picture approval...

The email approval Above and the 
Facebook Update below!

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