Monday, February 3, 2014

How To : Do Daily Routine Face Care ( My Version )

Hi Gorgeous,  this is time for me to explain what exactly I use for my daily face care. My friends, families, neighbours, and some people always say that my face yaaahh not reallybright but so clean and healthy, what's the secret? Oh noo, that's a little bit over ahahaha... yapp yeaah, I know my self that this face and skin is healthy and clean. But it doesn't mean that I never meet the holy pimples -__-. I have no reason to prove that my pimples and the other face enemies come out because my puberty.  It usually visit my face when I use the new toxic -__- hahaha, I mean wearing a wrong cosmetic. And a couple months ago I eventually face that on my face againbecause I use one of the three way cake product . huhhh. I'm so damn sad and panic how to save my glorious natural face... oh noooo...

Until finally I found my sweetheart. Yaap my right face care ever. And this is how I use it right as weel and getting flawless day by day...
Yapp, I ain't gonna review again my face care from POND'S Flawless White because I ever reviewed it here. So today I'm gonna show you how the right order to wear them and how to adjust it with your face conditions.

So this is the right steps (start from your bare clean washed face) in my own version:

I. Cleanser and toner
Why cleanser? Yes absolutely,  if you are a daily make up junkies, you can't just rely your foam although it has a deep formula. I usually still need the cleanser just in case. But if you're on your no-make-up days, you can skip thia step, and go ahead to puton your toner. Soooo, why Toner? I do believe that toner will give your face refreshments and capable to prepares your face for daily make up. Please, treat your face with this stuff routinely.

II. Face Serum
Face serum contains a deep concentrate formula that will help your unhealthy face recovery. This is the most important self healing for your face problem. But if you think that your face is already in a good condition,  you actually no need to use.

III. Moisturize Cream / Gel / Lotion
So guys, this is the most important part, whether yours are the dry, the normal, or the oily, you have to put this on your face. It's a must! Hahaha... you can always adjust the right one with your skin conditions and your own comfy. You also provided by so many options that contain the sunblock as well. I use the cream one but actually more suit with the gel. After this you can go with your cosmetics if you already choose the one with SPF at least 17, and has the PA++ as well.  But if you don't,  just go to this step below....

IV. Skin Protectant : Sunblock, Sunscreen
So if your moisturizer doesn't contains this one, you are definitely asked by me to use any skin protectant including Sunblock, sunscreen,  etc. But I recommend you to choose sunblock that has at least  SPF 18 and PA++ for your daily activities.  It will help yours from UVA and UVB. The number in your SPF equal to how long it protect your skin. How to count? Just take the number and multiplied it with 10 minutes.  Exp : SPF 18 × 10 m = 180 m, so that SPF will protect your skin about 180 minutes. Just easy. Don't use the over SPF or less SPF, choose the one that suitable for your place weather.  And don't be basking under the sun too long!

After that you are allowed to use your daily cosmetics hehehe ( although sometimes there so many people who think that sunblock is the last step but I personally don't really comfortable with that step ).... maybe it take so long to just do the daily face care but that is the right for me personally to maintains my beloved face. And it axtually just need a few minutes to do guys hehehe....

And yahhhaa... you can try that out to your self and mark my words hehehee.... the result depends on our own face conditions,  and yaahh sure, it will has differences.

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