Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review : My POND'S Flawless White series (short review)

Haii guyss,
This morning, hehe I actually have to study for my final exam this afternoon,  but okay, I just want to start my useful post again on my blog... but please , help me to pray for my exam -___-
So this time Im gonna show you a short review about my Pond's FW series (except my serum bcoz I have reviewed it before here). And the things that will reviewed are:

1. Pond's FW day cream
2. Pond's FW night cream
3. Pond's FW deep facial foam
4. Pond's FW BB+ cream

So lets check them out :

1. Pond's FW Day Cream
This cream, ummm gorgeous,  I love the texture and color when when I put it on my face, this cream is truly moisturizing. Doesn't make you face dry but really not like oily. I think it's perfect. And talk about the benefit, it make my own face clean and flawless. Not again meet the acne,  and I feel my face more "balance" hehehe. Oya it also contain SPF 18 PA++, which mean it will protect your skin from uv-a and uv-b and from skin burned. 

2. Pond's FW Night Cream
Okay, this cream was created for go-to-bed face care. Because it a lilbit oily and actually tend to wet look. Although I just use it in small portion but it still look watered. Hehee. After you awake and start to mirroring -__-, you'll find the still-oily-face, but don't worry, because when you wash your face, everything come back and beautiful again. From my personal wear, I still confused by the real result, is that from day or night cream...? -___- but when you use them both in your face in day and night the result will really flawless.

3. Pond's FW Deep Facial Foam
Soo, it make my face look different after wash. And actually different from the other fac.foam that I used before. Yes yes, this is a good news,  because it make my face shine and flawless after wash, soo goood. And it doesn't like the other foam that maybe gave the dry result or oily result, thiss gives me a gorgeous moisturized result. This foam contain some scrub to clean and massage your face. I think this is one of the best facial foam with the good combination and an incredible finish.

4. Pond's FW BB+ Cream
I used to by it in small package,  more like tester -__-. First, after I used Bbc from Garnier my face almost full of acne. Then I decided to never use any bbc or foundie again untill I can't hold my self to try Pond's.  Im not sure firstly because the color range was Light and there's not a darker series. So whatever was that, I will try!! Hhaha. After I use it with my finger, and can clustering it on Medium Coverage.  The texture not so foundie, but enough for daily makeup standard. I still can see the spot that isn't covered well, but yaah this is just bbcream. So if you want a perfect coverage, go to foundation or the other royal bbc is better choice. overall, I still love the natural flawless result, and really perfet for daily activities like go to campus and soon. And I recommend it for you who like natural look too...

So guyss, I think that's all. Just a short review, but if you want  more and more obvious about that stuffs, leave a comment down below and I will answer all the questions...
Thankyou guys.. bye byeee

This is some pictures of the products:

The result from the bb+ cream. Look so contrast on my hand, but actually blend well on my face. Trust me guyss -___-
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