Saturday, January 25, 2014

Get Well Soon, Indonesia

Hi gorgeous,  I miss blogging so much... but today I'm not gonna reviewing or give you how-to for a while, I want to share what I feel now about my country INDONESIA

According to Capital city of Indonesia,  Jakarta and some related area near by, also in the Manado North Celebes (Sulawesi Utara) all people here see the sadly catastrophes of floods,  everywhere. I feel so sad and always start to ask, Why? Most of my friends from west of Java are from Jakarta and Jabodetabek (Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi). And also in the part of North Indonesia, in Manado we find the circumstances like this as well.

And a couple hours ago we predominantly as Java society, face the earthquake which is has the center in Jogjakarta Special Region. And not to mention,  it was 6.5 SR. We in the part of this island so worry about anything that has been happened or gonna happen. I hope all this cases just come in this month, not for the next.

Indeed, in Indonesia, oracles or forecasters have predicted that this year will be full of turmoils from various fields. No exception for the earth conditions. So whatever the complicated feeling now, I just hope Indonesia will get better soon and all the people here always blessed by God. I really sad now, I hope everything bad will go furthest.

In the name of God, Amiiin.


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