Friday, January 17, 2014

How to : Choose Your Ideal BB Cream Based on Your Skin Types

Hi my gorgeous friends .... today's so complicated. I have to devide my emotions into happy because my bestfriends birthday, and sad and condolences for my another bestfriend in high school because her dad has passed away.... I do close to her family since I was on high scool by the way :'(. Im sorry guys for write this on my blog, just to share how random my life now is...

So guys, back to the topic, I use this post for actually to amuse and entertain my self but honestly I want to share an important post that really help you to solve all your bb cream problem... I will explain how to choose the bb cream based on your skin conditions...
Check these out guys...

★ The Oily Skin
If you have an oily skin, make sure that you choose bb cream in powdery formula and its better to choose matte finish for your skin types.  Use the bb cream that has a specific extract that good for reduse the oil like Canna extract, lemon, etc. Oily skin has a deep relation with acne so the formula like canna or the other related formula will help your oil go without creat ne acne or the other related problems.

★ The Dry Skin
The first solution is definitely,  the bb cream with extra moisturizer.  That will be the main focus for help your skin hidrated. Choose bb cream that has an extract for dry skin. Like shiso that has a deep formula for dry skin antioxidants and anti inflammation because dry skin is so sensitive for this. Also use the bb cream that has like aloe vera extract to moisturize but will make your skin feel so comfy.

★ The Dark Skin Tone
Every body knows with The Body Shop All-In-One Bb cream rite? If you are find the difficulties to find the matching shade, use that!. Not for promotion but, you are helped by a colour adapting that will adjust your skintone. Use the perfect combination for your skin condition. Dont forget that transparent or translucent will be much more better for your skin tone because it never left the white powder.

★ The Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin really need special formula to protect. Bb cream isn't a full cosmetics but not completely a face care so you must really selective to choose. Your skin need a formula that deeply can reduce inflammation like licorice or caffeine.  Choose the special sunblock as well like the one that use physical sunblock like titanium dioxide,  instead of chemical sunblock. You have to be carefully to read the perfect bb cream and don't forget to choose the light formula as well.

So guys, those are several kind of information that maybe help your heretofore problem... don't forget to ask the product consultant to know more about the ingredients, and always consult with your personal doctor to get more and more obvious informations.
Bye bye ... thankyou....

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