Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review : Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3in1 Foundation - 857 Golden Tan

If you're looking for English Review, go search again online because there was a bunch of good review on it, here, special for Indonesian Girls :*

Post kali ini bakal istimewa banget, selain menghadirkan review foundation ini dalam bahasa Indonesia (which is jarang banget), aku juga sudah mengabulkan beberapa request teman - teman yang mau tau gimana foundation yang hits ini bekerja di aku.
plis kalian perlu perlu perlu banget baca review ini sampe selesai karena setiap kata darinya adalah info penting sekaligus racun bagi kalian semua hahaha

So ini dia...

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3in1 Foundation - 857 Golden Tan

just Covergirl foundation on face skin

Friday, December 19, 2014


Hello guys, really glad I can be back and create this post, you know what....?! this is a huge good news for everyone who wanna try out this gorgeous stuff. I also posted a review about this B.liv Off With Those Heads - the bad heads remover HERE , I think you suppossed real that first. hehehe

after that, let's move to the GAMES !!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


It just a while
not famous
not even big enough
but I glad to serve you here

I post
I share
I feel happier



Review : B.Liv by Cellnique Off With Those Heads

Hello There, very funny I got to post this great thing in today, Hussss, I had a lot of task of thesis revision and bla bla bla back then. Instead of create a new review, I posted a new ost about my experiences of shopping in the online shop day HERE lol

So, now I am so honored to be able to review this bad-heads remover named,

B.liv by Cellnique Off With Those Heads

This is interesting by how this infamous product works on me personally, this is a true and honest story without any coercion from any party. So please, check this out completely :)

Friday, December 12, 2014


Wiiii, apa sih rame banget di situs situs belanja online gede? banjir iklan diskon dimana mana lagi, termasuk iklan di blog Shinta ini kan? hehehehe
iyaaaaa, Indonesia sedang merayakan Hari Belanja Online Nasional, dimana jatuh pada hari ini 12 Desember 2014, atau terkenal dengan peristiwa 12 12, dimana situs online besar di Indonesia sedang melakukan diskon gede gedean dimulai jam 12 malem (00.00) tanggal 12, dan selesai  pada tanggal yang sama atau 24 jam !!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014


hello pretty girls, time leads us to go fastly to the another year, but before it eventually happen, permit me to show some of my beauty haul, it just a few and I hunted it not just in this month but previous month as well, but I still treat them as my new cute stuff btw xixixixi, so here it is....

Friday, December 5, 2014

Review : Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation - N4 Nude Beige

Hello there, again, I post about review, the international famous of Loreal Foundation, guess what the fullest name???

L'Oréal Le Teint True Match Super Blendable Liquid Foundation
SPF 17 PA ++

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Review : VS Sasoon Premium Color Care Shampoo

Morning Universe !
Back to December, isn't it wonderful ??

sebelum berangkat ngurus skripsi hari ini, boleh dong ngupdate blog walau gak ngupdate masalah skincare or makeup, tapi kali ini masalah rambut ya, pos kali ini gak eksklusif eksklusif banget karena yang di pos juga Shampoo favorit aku dan gak mahal mahal banget, murah malah.
Eiiiitsss tapi jangan salah.... dia shampoo andalan aku banget buat ngerawat rambutku yang diwarnai, mau tau apa?
ini dia...

VS Sasoon Premium Color Care Shampoo

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review : Loreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick - Maple Mocha

Hello musim hujan, setelah entah sekian lama vakum akhirnya kembali juga, maaf ya lama banget, ada banyak urusan sempro dan ke rektorat yang nguras waktu belum lagi kalo di PHP. apasiiihhh... hahaha, intinya baru bisa nulis blog skarang hehe
untuk postingan kali ini bakal aku review beauty stuff favorit aku, yapppppp LIPSTIK !!! kali ini dari Loreal yah... nama panjangnya sih gini..

Loreal Color Riche ( Intense VelVet Color, Ultimate MATTE Smoothness) - Maple Mocha

which is intinya ini yang seri MATTE yah hehe...
aku juga pake bahasa Indonesia karena review Inggris nya udah seabrek. So yukk kita mulai...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First Impression Review: POND'S Flawless White - Dewy Rose Cream SPF 30 PA++

Hello Beautiful Girl...
Halo Wanita Cantik Indonesia (mirip panah asmara arjuna aja -__-)
Finally I got an fresh air to put a little update on my blog. And today it's time for another skincare review, but I do think that it's not really fair if I call this as review because I just tried this stuff once-twice, so I'll give a lable on it as "first impression review". but because this thing is from my holy grail brand, so I think, it definitely can be a review due to never-fail-on-me result.

What actually is that????
yahhh... this is it...

POND'S Flawless White - Dewy Rose Gel SPF 30 PA++

Gambar-gambar ini diambil malam hari jadi gelap-gelapan yaa hehe, sorry

you excited??? Since the day I post about my Dewy Rose GEL HERE TO READ , I've got a bunch of responses that actually prove that Indonesian women really love about this gel's coming. Because it contains serum and for me personaly this is the exchange stuff for POND'S FW serum so this serie really really special for me when it comes to my hand ahahah

Today Iam gonna create a Pros-and-Cons review again to simplify you to conclude in the end ! Gak lupa aku juga akan membuat post bilingual untuk konten satu ini.... <3

Let's Start!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Review: Miratone Conditioning Cream Color - 5RB Reddish Brown

hai all.. saatnya mereview product hair color again setelah my popular post hair color dari Garnier.... kali ini dari cat rambut yang booming banget pas aku SMP loo, yeayy...


kali ini karena aku ngerasa ini cat terkenal di indo aja so aku putusin pake bahasa Indonesia yaaaa
Let's start !!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Serunya jadi Clozetters, Bangganya jadi Clozette Ambassador

Hallo beauties dan fashionist yang kesyeehhh... kali ini aku share ke kalian informasi yang sangat amat spesial banget nget nget... aku mau share something bagi kalian yg memiliki passion tentang beauty dan fashion, wajib banget baca postingan ini sampai selesai.... yiaaahhhh

Ahaha, kali ini aku ingin memperkenalkan diri tidak lagi hanya Shinta Laura Dewani sebagai Beauty Blogger tapi juga sebagai


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: POND'S Flawless White - Dewy Rose Gel

Hi all, finally back and this I bet the first skincare review in a couple week ahaha... so today I present to you the newest product of my Holy Grail Skincare brand

POND'S Flawless White - Dewy Rose Gel

and because this is a skincare that not gonna need any kind of full description about what colour, texture or even covarage, so I decided to create a Pros and Cons Review to make it shorter and easy to conclude....

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My 21st Birthday in this October, 12th 2014

Thank God, finally I meet this wonderful October again... and lead my self to the 12th day of the month, find my self getting olderyaa b, matured, and simply not craving for kind of attention a lot. I just wake up and even forget about this in the morning.

Well I just wanna say, I really want to dedicate this for my self. Because I LOVE MY SELF more than any other person in te world, I don't really know why but I kinda person who is so Blessed and I am grateful to placed in this body and soul.

God definitely knows how I feel about this... God loves me as well...

Happy Birthday to me ...
and wanna say this to my beloved self

I love my self, because she always there for me for every single time of conditions when I needed

Gives me confidence in every step of my way

Easily forces me to smile in the bitterness

She never betrays me

Accepts all my weakness, embraces my weirdness

She knows how to shut my tears up

Motivates me in all ambitions

We love and hate the same person
She loves my parents, my sister, and my boyfriend, and friends

She even loves all my dream, allow me to pursue my carrier I want, and let me be who I am now, the person I always dream about as kid

She's Good, because the most crucial thing is, SHE LOVES ME A LOT TOO...

and we have the thing that we really wanna fall apart forever...

So I present this moment to me and my self, the exquisite collaboration in my eyes of all time...

special note:
malem ini menu dinnernya bekal ayam goreng dari ibuk 3 potong, kita makan berdua ya sayang :')

Monday, October 6, 2014

Review: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme no 240, 130, and 580

hi everyone... yes yes yes, finally this is the time for the newest review dan kali ini pake bahasa campuran lagi biar tambah rame kyak rujak hahaha...

kali ini giliran salah satu brand drugstore favorit aku... REVLON !!!!
spesifiknya adalah

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme

yukk kita cek review kilat padat nyaa....

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sophie Paris Muslimah Giveaway WINNER

Welcome October !!! My birthmonth !!!

Its finally here... really glad in this special month I can start it with full of joy and happy to announce my giveaway WINNER and who is she???

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Makeover and How to: Fierce Oriental Look

Hello Ladies, please please please don't mock me because I often post about makeover recently on my blog hahahahaha,
I really enjoy to do this thing yay!

and today was time for wonderful +Maria Pesona Nuansa to be the next victim and it was the turn for 

Fierce Oriental Look in Our Version

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Makeover and How To: Sweet Purple for Sweet Lady

Hi ladies, again with the makeover agenda, and today is the time for my former roommate, Driya Primasthi who has a very sweet-cute-and-pretty face and really pleasure to do this thing

I love almost all her structure !!
and now I present

Sweet Purple for Sweet Lady 

so enjoy the mini tutorial here.....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Makeover + How to: Fresh and Dare Makeup Look

Hi girls, shinta is back and today I am gonna take you into my version of 

Fresh and Dare Makeup look....

the way you'll find the good combination of natural and bright thingy...

let's start the simply tutorial and tips from me !!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

LookBook : Several Photoshot Result with DAFFA Hijab

hello there, thanks for visiting my blog and in this page, I present to you one of my last month photoshot with beloved DAFFA Hijab, they are really do care about the way Syar'i means, so if you are Hijab Girl and wanna get all the glam and beautiful outfit, go check their page on

Instagram : DAFFAHIJAB

and you can contact them on:
Text/WA : 085736612456
Line : daffahijab
BBM Pin : 764EA111


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review + GIVEAWAY : Sophie Paris Muslimah Two Way Cake - Creamy Natural SMTWC1

hi everyone... back again to blog... and finally I get up to write this review... yeapp this is very very special review because I use this stuff in the newly launching...

Sophie Paris Muslimah Two Way Cake in Creamy Natural

and I am gonna mix my language to make you more and more comfortable here to know this beautiful girlything...

sebelumnya ini adalah lini kosmetik islami dari Shopie Paris, brand yg kita kenal sudah banyak menelurkan barang barang berkualitas...there are Powders, Blush, Lipstick, Eyeshadow and so on...
so excited banget aku dapet kesempatan buat cobain produk baru nya.... nah this is exactly the right time to share to you guys... just sit and enjoy... :*

lets start...

1. Packaging

yuhuuuu... this is one of the most glam packaging I the middle end beauty stuff ahahahah...
desainya slim ketupat emas gitu.... walopun agak gede tapi teteep wow n mudah dibawa kok... 
it contains big full mirror and the puff.... cerminnya oke bgt buat touch up everywhere.... puff nya juga berguna.

2. Texture

So damn soft, OMG this TWC truly has two ways... the foundation that contained does the function so well, it soft, medium coverage, yet so light on skin...
buat kamu yg suka praktis pasti bakal suka TWC ini, secara selain dia lembut, dia juga mengandung foundie yg medium di kulit tapi ringan bgt.... bisa buat pergi pergi deh kalo lagi keburu buru hihihi

3. Performance

I wanna summarize them here below:
# Medium and natural coverage
# Moisturize my dry skin but not gonna make it oily
# Good staying power, see my photo on fresh aplied vs 7 hours later
# No fade out, just glowing in the end
# No Breakout
# No strong aroma, so it still good on you who has sensitive skin
# Covers my redness and dark circle
# Although it too light on me but it does adjust my skintone

I think I don't have what I dislike in this TWC performance :*

4. Price

IDR 119.900 or around USD 10 , it worth buying for, you'll never regret this...

RATE *****/5


So do you wanna have one of this Muslimah Cosmetics Product??
Simply join this fun giveaway from me and Muslimah Cosmetic by :

tell me in the comment box about your fondest makeup experience and story, then choose your own gift from us.

kau cukup ceritain di komen blog ku ini tentang pengalaman tak terlupakan dan paling berkesan kamu dengan makeup, trus kamu tulis juga hadiah dari kami yg km pengen... mudah kann???

pengalaman berkesan aku dengan makeup tuh pas aku cobacoba pake makeup mamaku dulu... aku pengen Sophie Muslimah Eye Shadow Sapphire

setelah itu sertakan alamat email kalian juga ya...

buat kalian yang:
1. Follow GFC  n google plus aku
2. Follow Instagram : SHINTADELAORA

bakalan dapat poin plus yah, so jangan lupa sertain nama GFC, Gplus, and Instagram kalian yah ihihi

then... aku bakal pilih cerita yg paling berkesan buat jadi pemenang... mudah kan???

nanti hadiah bisa kalian lihat disini... SOPHIE PARIS MUSLIMAH PRODUCTS....pilih salah satu yahh

yukkk segera ikut ihihihi.... aku tungguuu cerita kalian....

The closing date for all entries is 5.00pm on 28 September 2014
then I will announce on the next day on my blog and ig account, private email as well :)

sekian review ku kali ini... hope it brighten up your day today... and do let me know what you think guys...
bye bye....

redness ku di idung ketutup kan :)

baru dipake dan pas udah lama dipake

bonusnya lip yg enak bgt dipake... moisturize but not sticky.... and so lightweight

my self portraits... not selfie wkwkwk

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

20 Facts about Me from Instagram (extended)

Instagram seems having problem of my text length, so why not about post this and save this on blog ahahaaa...

thanks for @nath_njs who has tagged me ... here are the 20 facts about me that I still memorize, actually there are plenty of other facts that not be written here because the limit ahahhahha

1. truly javanese, brown skinned javanese from all of my family blood.

2. Former skilled painter and fine art "player"

3. Has a phobia to reptiles, if someone wanna know that specifically, I always try to block it out to another topic

4. Skinny all the way, but got a hormone changing in last few years so that finally I get fatter nowadays.

5. Paranoia to the max into some sort of serious illness and bad forecasting.

6. Former Culture and Tourism Ambassador, currently being Culture enthusiast.

7. I do makeup for my own satisfaction, just that. not for anybody.

8. Grantee of one of Excellent Scholarship in Indonesia, but I'm not that kinda excellent, my friend on that scholarship prefer to consult me about makeup and culture than my own educational field =_=

9. Extrovertly Introvert :-)

10. I am a loud person and very talkative yet easily become ice princess when I am not comfortable in a situation or community.

11. My friends said I am good in Public Speaking. I just kinda people that not gonna care with the audiences while I stand before them. but I always watch them in the eye to increase my confidence.

12. Disney Classic Movie Mania

13. I have Sniffing to sort of gas aroma and the other strong aromatic thing that other people think it's bad bad bad habbit !!! they really do!

14. I am obsessed to finish my collage this year, but eventually I think that maximize the quality of my thesis is a must and first.

15. I am self oriented, I love my own self more than any other person, I also not a really love-obsessed person and very enjoy about it, even though I know it's not good idea to treat my self like that.

16. I have my own small business in Graphic Design.

17. When I wear a smokey brown with upper and lower eyeliner, I do feel so sexy and more like me.

18. I never go to a cafe or teenage or young age fav place  to hang out because of me, I'm sure to hell I do it for other thing. I am a old fashion sorta thing.

19. I can accept my self to be beautiful and ugly, stylish and nerdy. Because I can't be the same person everyday. So if you wanna be my friend because I look so cool on you in a certain dat, you definitely wrong :p

20. I love to be my self now, just enjoy what I wanna enjoy and be the person I always wanted and feel so blessed with a lot of grace I've gained and problems I've got. I feel God does love me. And that sometimes make me feel like 25-30 y.o minded but Iam grateful :-)

what do you think? it's not interesting no?
Show me yours!!!!

btw I tag some friends on Ig photo .. go check !!

MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT = shintadelaora

Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: Sariayu Shimmering Powder

hai semuanya... balik lagi sama review produk lokal nihhh... reviewnya sekarang singkat singkat gak papa kan yak... biar enak juga gak boros waktu bacanya ahahaah... kendala sekarang ngantor jadi udah susah bgt buka blog... sebisanya dehhhh ... tolong maafkan yak.. ihihihihi...
Dan inilah dia yang akan kita bahas...


yuuk cus kita review:

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quick Review : Caring Colours Stay True Foundation no 4

haiii semuaanyaaa... come back with Indonesian Review dan pake bahasa yess.... kali ini dari foundation yg kmaren aku gak tahaan nunggu respon blogsale jadi aku pake lagi LOL haahaha (intinya udah gak masuk blogsale yahh)
yahhhaahahahh... ini dia...

Caring Colours Stay True Foundation no 4 Sand Beige

kali ini cepet2 aja yahhh... kalo kmaren ngeblog pake tablet n internetnya ngaja becanda... sekarang lebih becanda lagi karena pake hape wkwkwk... tapi hapeku inetnya lagi oke...
cus ini dia haasil rangkuman yang aku alami ketika menggunakan STF

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Super Simple Face-Beauty Routine for Beginner in My Version

Hello fellas, "winter" comes suddenly here in my location, my face dries itself, terrible.  That's why I want to post this, remind you guys to always keep your way close to the skincare, whether it natural or chemical. And some extra simple beauty and makeup tricks in this sensitive weather. So lets check my face routine out!!!

(I've ever post the sorta thing like this before, but this is simpler and more complete, if you want to read it, it is on my February's archive)

1. Go to bath or just wash your face with face soap, foam, or scrub
The best way for me is when i clean up my face in the bathroom, i always choose the facial foam, simply, it has foam and that will minimize your hand touch roughly to your face. It kinda influence your surface condition and create some new face problem, like oily skin, and so on.

2. Gently use clean facial napkins to dry your wet face
One reason, it believable and hygienist. Than your usual towel.

3. Put on Toner !
Refresh your skin and prepare for any other things that land on your face. Haha

4. Face Serum in the best application
I use this before or after my moisturizer,  simply because my serum from Pond's (that I have reviewed as you can see in the Popular Post) capable to be face primer as well,  how fantastic it is! And it has the ability to heal all my imperfection on my face, so i guess this is the must have item on my skincare pouch!

5. Moisturizer Cream or Lotion
Use cream if you have oily skin
Use lotion if you have dry skin
Use everything if you're normal, i mean normal skin. This is a must. You can exchange with the step 4. Ensure it contains the Sun Protectant, like SPF and PA, if it isn't, you can add special sunscreen cream or gel.

6. BB Cream or  CC Cream or Sheer to Medium Foundation
Use the less makeup formula for daily, I choose just BB Cream, I do believe it still has a good coverage as medium foundie has. Tips : for oily skin, better tp choose applicator like brush or sponge because the motion and your hand rub will invite new production of oil. For dry skin, don't use kinda Stipple brush with circular motion, better just dab it.

7. Loose Powder or Compact Powder
I think they both do so well for daily powder, i mean in this case they are just enough, i don't need like two way cake or any powder that still contains makeup base. Too heavy for daily, not to mention, gains the breakout risk.

8. Blush on to turn you on!
The quickest way to look absolutely fresh and passionate. If you have lighter skin, prefer to pinkish one, and orangey if you have darker, like mine.

9. Do your rest of makeup
Natural always timeless, for daily, it sometimes so tricky, but if you made it, you'll be the prettiest one.

10. SMILE !!!!!!
There's fun fact about makeup, it wouldn't change your personality, no matter how expensive and how long the time taken about you and your makeup,  as long as you don't give this world your sweetest smile, you can't pretend to be a pretty kindhearted woman. So, be the reason to someone else smile everyday ♥♡♥

After all, clean up your face with this order REMOVER - FACIAL SOAP - TONER, and do the face mask once a week :*

These are mine.
How about you??
Tell me!!! ♥♡♥♡♥

PS: written by tablet, I'm sorry for the terrible format

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Beauty Stuff that Hard to Repurchase

Hi teman2, kali ini aku mau posting yang berhubungan trntang pengalaman aku nyoba2 beauty stuff dan akhirnya aku susah banget buat bisa ngelanjutin kebersamaanku dengannya, random ya, entah produk lokal atau luar, tapi kali ini aku mau share pengalamanku sebagai orang Indonesia dengan keadaan iklim tropis halahhh, dan dengan karakteristik yang hampir sama dengan para indonesian yang lain jadi aku putusin pake bahasa yahh, biar aku bisa share ke kalian versi aku dan sesama cewek Indonesia.

Ini aku buat dengan tidak ada maksud menjelekkan produk tertentu atau pihak tertentu, pure sharing. Aku juga mencantumkan kelebihan dan kelemahan, jadi aku gak menjabarkan dalam satu sisi saja yah.

This post I make without any purpose for degrading any product or brand, this is pure and honest sharing. I also attach the Strength and weakness, so Im not gonna explain it just by one side :)

So ini dia mereka,

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Unboxing : Viva Cosmetic Membership Box + 1 Quick BLOG SALE

atau apalah judulnya yahh, yang jelas setelah menunggu begitu lama, aku iseng sumoah iseng banget mampir ke pos Security asrama buat tanya ada paket apa enggak, soalnya aku nunggu paket - paket yang lain, ehhh tau taunya ada, dan surprise, dari Viva, kukira tak akan datang hhehehehe, yaudah deh cus tengok isinyaa...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Story : August Life Update

Hooo em jiiii a.k.a OMG...
I had such a long time to spend my huge holiday to be in home and did every kinda family stuff more than a month. And I can't update my beloved blog, but it's okay, Iam here, Iam back. Despite I'm not gonna did a beauty posting, but I wanna share you my little story about my life and why does it influence my blogging business haha.

So this holiday, beside did a roadshow for this year Ied, I just got into kind of last year college problem, I start to do internship and my thesis planning program and so on. Also, a little misunderstanding internship problem, and I have to handle my couldn't-join Anual Gathering for CIMB Niaga Excellent Scholar, and bla bla bla. Not to mention, the very shameless me to didn't do my last duty as a Tourism ambassador in my regency, and all the thing, was just so complicated and ruins my head. So sick !

Due to that paragraph, I implicitly say that, my mood is on (fire) worst time, so I can't write anything on my blog, even just for imagine what I'll write!

That's just a story of mine in this month. How about your precious life honey????
I hope you well, but tell me hehehe...

Oyaaa, I just got 500 followers on Google+
Thanyou somuch G+ society!

Love yaa, see you very soon love!

Shinta Laura Dewani

I update my current face and activities as well, I hope you don't mind to see how boring I am haha, and also my fail duty as tourism ambassador, yah failed, I couldn't found my team, no sash anyway!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Review : Garnier Color Naturals Creme Hair Colour - 3.16 Red Burgundy

ohh okay, 2 pos dalam sehari, sengaja yess aku pakai bahasa Indonesia karena pengalaman aku pas nyari review entang produk ini sangat jarang banget yg pake bahasa Indonesia, juga karena banyaknya para readers yang nyasar ke blog aku karena nyari info buat cat rambut satu ini, jadi aku putuskan bakal share pengalaman aku pake 

Garnier Color Naturals Creme Hair Colour - 3.16 Red Burgundy

dengan bahasa Indonesia, specially for you honeys!

So lets move to the....

Short Review : Cottage Softening Shower Gel - La Vanille (Vanilla)

Hi everyone, finally before the holy weekend come to mine I want to spend this rare chance to review the beauty product. And now is the turn of Made-in-France Cottage Shower Gel in Vanilla, and here comes to a short review.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: Mirabella Colorfix Lipstick no 67 & 50 (Matte)

Hello Everyone. Aku kembali dengan review produk lokal Indonesia raya dan kembai pula aku menggunakan bahasa Indonesia guna mempersatu bangsa perihal review kali ini. Penting gitu ya? Hehehe. Cus aku mau mempertunjukkan pada kalian review kali ini tentang Lipstik Matte buatan lokal favorit aku yang aku berjudul

Mirabella Colorfix Lipstick no 67 & 50

So kalo kalian mengaku Matte Girl kayak aku atau yang wannabe, bahkan yang Matte Haters kalian wajib membaca postingan ini sampai selesai wahaha, karena yang kali ini cukup worth purchasing for 

Review started from....

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pretty Secret, Rahasia Cantik dan Sehat Setiap Hariku

Happy Sunday pretty ladies,  kali ini mau share sedikit curhatan atau bisa dibilang beauty talk lagi lahh, dah lama kan rasanya gak diajak chit chat sama shinta hahaha, cus ngobrol pake bahasa keduaku yes, bahasa indonesia, bagi yang mau tanya bahasa pertamaku apa, bakal kujawab yang jelas bukan enggres hehehehe

Sowwww, aku mau share yg kukatakan sebagai Pretty Secret atau rahasia cantik versi aku yang bisa dibilang ini jangan dibilang siapa2 tapi boleh kalo mau dishare via dunia maya. Jadi ini sedikit personal dan krusial bagi anda yang kuat membaca wejangan ini sampai akhir maka anda harus tetap mencoba dan berusaha membaca !

ini muka telanjang dengan pose konyol dan misterius ala Shinta hahaha

Ini dia, Pretty Secret atau Rahasia Cantik yang ke....

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

(Sponsored) Review: FRESHLOOK COLORBLENDS Gemstone Green

Hi everyone, so glad today that actually back again, haha, and since the last post in june, this is my newest and first product review, and again, I'm back with softlens review!

Yap I’m elated that I make this day for my FRESHLOOK COLORBLENDS Gemstone Green review, that specially I got this stuff from , my beloved Lens Store, I think you need a further detail of them in my own experience, so just click OVERHERE

Now, let’s get started!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Come Back Photos and Greetings !

Oh olaaa wonderful world, 
Time for me to back to this lonely blog amd begin a brand new start!
I've been so busy for plenty of stuff that stuck on my life and need to be arranged,  you got to know that.
So that is why I leave this miracle creature named blog almost half of month, haha

Monday, June 23, 2014

Review : Softlens EYECOM 3 Tone in Blue

ohhh finally touch this down, Iam so glad to have this little spare time and write another thing to my lonely blog.

So today I am gonna review my another softlens collection that I had a couple times ago, So I decide to review it first than my newest softlens that I told you here

So here it is, EYECOM 3 TONE BLUE

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sebongkah Pengalaman Belanja Softlens Online di

Hello World... haha
akhirnya balik juga dan kali ini make bahasa yak.
Sorry ya semua penggemar2ku baru hari ini bisa ngunjungi and sehaii-sehaii ke kalian lagi karena ini nihh masih minggu UAS n super duper sibuk banget laaa sebagai mahasiswa akhir hehehe, tapi don't worry be happy yaa, aku kali ini ngasih kalian info yang sangat berguna, apalagi buat kalian yang suka tampil mempesona and 1000% lebih kece dengan pake softlens nihh...

hmmm apa yaaa maksudnyaa???

yaaak, ini dia aku persembahkan sebongkah, sejumput, serayuk pengalaman tak terlupakan bersama Toko Softlens Online terbesar se-Indonesia, bukan lain lagii, yaaaap

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FOTD : Under the Night Shimmering Sky (Natural)

Hi Girls, Today I try to create a Shimmering-Everywhere look that I just create after bath this evening huahahaha, and yahhh I just tell some short making-of story for that. So let's enjoy...

Playing with NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Cannes ( Review and Swatch )

Ollaaa beautiess, here at last!!!
I am sorry I just in this blog today, and also create this post as my very first post in June but YEAAAAHHHH, take it so fun, my life now is in sweet surrender of my last semester of this last year in collage so you definitely can imagine that!!

So this marvellous day, is a day for playing, YESS, playing with your favorite stuff in the world, Lippieee, and I give the turn for NYX SMLC in Cannes and not only just play, I'll give you some short review and make them as a "top coat" hahahaah

Friday, June 6, 2014

My Face in Daily Look

Hi beautiesss

So today's post is all about my Daily Face Look, I believe we all really fun with glamorous,  shimmering, unique,  wonderful,  and artsy makeup look yeaa, but we have our own common daily face haa? Hihihi, and now, it's my turn to show mine!

Some of them is my bare face without Foundation, BB Cream, or any other makeup base, as usual , I am lazy -__-
Oyaa, all I captured in my Tablet Camera, sorry for poor qualities -__-

oyaaa, I explain everything about the look in the caption yeaa

natural over all

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Story : Thankyou for Celebrate Our Loyalty

What is the most beautiful flower in the world more that White Chrysant??

MAY minibeauty HAUL

hi beauties, finally have this glory occasion to create a new post... I am so happy today to annauce my SUPERMINI beauty haul , actually today I was so elated because I got another lovely White Chrysant Flower from my dearest man in the world after my father hahaha. but okay, back to the topic, I present this for you...

enjoy my Hunting Results !!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: Softlens Solutions SCHON & FRESH EYE

Hi beautiful girls in the beautiful world who come to the beautiful blog!
hahahahaha ignore it.
how's your day going?
that will be much more better when you drop by in this empty little land and sit and read this post that I specially present for you princess haha...

so today Iam gonna review my solution collection for my lenses and today I pict the two, they are SCHON and FRESH EYE

so let's move, check them out!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Story : Finally! I Beat the Google Adsense

yeaaaahh after a lot of fighting for more thatn 3 months in my a half year experience of blogging finally I got this kind of email reply


but don't worry , I also enjoy a tons of this email reply when the reject me...T.T

rejected -__-

the way to easily get the approval is when you raisen up your content quality, not only pictures but also the writing.

So when you start to ask me What is that, you can easily seach on google and you'll know the answer hahaha,
this is officially google feature that will give you a chance to get earnings with your site by attach some gorgoeus Advertisements (such as Luxola, Elevenia, Real Techniques, Berry Benka, and so on) on your blog and official from google as well so don't worry if you don't want the kinda annoying ad or something hahaha.

you'll see my advertisement from google in my page if you not block the ad in your browser. go and click guyss!!!

For more information better to search on Google. This is kinda good feature to get new penny hahaha

here some of the ad that I capture today, and it will always change to another when you click my different post, and the smart thing is, it always adjust the post theme or title :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Short Review: Local Natural Shadow in Action ! (Latulipe, Mirabella, Just Miss)

Hi Evereybodeyhhh, extremely glad today for post something, finally, after collage business and sickness owhhh, I guess I was trapped in my own world.
Okay, today is Indonesian review ladies, so I'll use my Bahasa to explain this short review about my Local Eyeshadow. check them out!!

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