Thursday, August 14, 2014

Story : August Life Update

Hooo em jiiii a.k.a OMG...
I had such a long time to spend my huge holiday to be in home and did every kinda family stuff more than a month. And I can't update my beloved blog, but it's okay, Iam here, Iam back. Despite I'm not gonna did a beauty posting, but I wanna share you my little story about my life and why does it influence my blogging business haha.

So this holiday, beside did a roadshow for this year Ied, I just got into kind of last year college problem, I start to do internship and my thesis planning program and so on. Also, a little misunderstanding internship problem, and I have to handle my couldn't-join Anual Gathering for CIMB Niaga Excellent Scholar, and bla bla bla. Not to mention, the very shameless me to didn't do my last duty as a Tourism ambassador in my regency, and all the thing, was just so complicated and ruins my head. So sick !

Due to that paragraph, I implicitly say that, my mood is on (fire) worst time, so I can't write anything on my blog, even just for imagine what I'll write!

That's just a story of mine in this month. How about your precious life honey????
I hope you well, but tell me hehehe...

Oyaaa, I just got 500 followers on Google+
Thanyou somuch G+ society!

Love yaa, see you very soon love!

Shinta Laura Dewani

I update my current face and activities as well, I hope you don't mind to see how boring I am haha, and also my fail duty as tourism ambassador, yah failed, I couldn't found my team, no sash anyway!

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