Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Favorite Beauty Product in 2014

Hello there, it has been a while since the New Year euphoria and I think this is the best occassion for me to create this sort of post, what stuff become my most favorite in all around 2014. You wanna see??? Just read this till the end, I'll start from the .....

1. Makeup Base
I do love this part, the way in 2014, I found the shot to have more than one right decision to buy any kind of makeup base. (btw, I am the NC42 girl so, you can guess the shade of mine in these stuff)
here they are,

for medium to full coverage:
a. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse - Natural Beige

this is the unique foundie ever, not liquid nor cream, it is mousse, also the right shade on me, never clogs pores, and more, the old review is HERE (just click)

b. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation - 857 Golden Tan

just like the hype, I feel that this is one of the best liquid foundie from drugstore EVER. Actually I got a lil bit adjustment breakout after more than a week of usage but it just in my one side of cheek and it actually not active again, and when I applied it again, it just back to normal, so do I deserve to call it breakout??? hmmm, anyway , check the full story....HERE-HERE-HERE

for sheer to medium coverage (also good for daily hang out):
a. L'oreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation - G7 Gold Bronze

I bought this actually in the last days of 2014 but I hope it does counted ahahah, What can I say to L'oreal? all the product is great and specially for this, This is just AHHH-Mazing, lightweight and just like BBcream-but-better foundation, it's like healthy glow finish and natural, REVIEW SOOOOON !!!

2. Brows and Eyes
wawww, just to the point of something that I'm obsessed with, here :

a. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo - Dark Brown

Love love love, natural and pigmented and has two shade, actually the shade it is not defined as dark brown and light brown but it more like dark brown and sheer opacity of dark brown but still in the same nuance. you wanna read the full review??? JUST keep on waiting in this blog :) sooner !

b. Maybelline Hipercurl Mascara

I have my holy grail mascara in the previous, but now I can say that this is a good mascara for daily I have ever used, so light weight, waterproof but so easy to clean up. Perfect right!

c. I am not eyeshadow and eyeliner person, but I use my bronzer as my shadow and QL eyeliner as my holy grail, I hope you know what it is.

3. Setting Powder & Bronzer & Blush

a. Ultima II Wonderwear Pressed Powder

not a loose nor a TWC, it is a light pressed powder that gives me a healthy look and doesn't cause any breakout, you gotta love it, i'll review it soon,

b. Makeover Blush in Brown Strada
i think this is the royal espresso one, brown strada is not that warm

it actually a blush but with a good good colour for give a natural contour, so good for daily, doesn't appear so harsh, just smooth and good, not really turn to orange. and CHEAP!!!

c. Revlon Blush in Fleshtone
source : tumblr.com/makeupfavs

Gorgeous blush color for medium dark skintone like me, it is healthy orange color with brown undertone, so good.

4. The Lippies
hurraaayy, this is also my most fav part, I bought tons of lippies this year for cheapy until a lil bit costly, but I just gonna pick some, and sure the most fav from all

a. L'oreal Color Riche Matte - Maple Mocha

now it is indescribable, so go chek directly on my review, you gonna love it if you're an MLBB person :D CLICK HERE

b. Makeover Liquid Lip Color - Macchiato

I love liquid lippies actually, and I think the one of the best, I also have been falling in love into the smell, so macchiato baby, I hope I can review it sooner :)

c. Muslimah Lip Care

I thank to the Big God that gives me a chance to try this lip care, my weapon to heal all of my lip's problem, with this I got one less problem!!!

wooo, I think that is all, for the skincare, I think you can check my widget in the left side of my blog, it shown there and always be my fav too because I don't really change my skincare until it was running out, soooo thankyou so much for reading, if you wanna see some of  the actual pics, you can actually go to THIS POST

btw all the pics sourced by Google Image and most of them from the official site of brand :) (I forgot the address one by one T.T)

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