Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review : Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Natural Beige

hi my gorgeous readers... i'm so sorry for not post anything in the past several days because a lot of problem and business that I have to face. And today I want to fulfill my duties to write on my blog and give you my newest informative content about the gorgeous product from Maybelline New York. this is one of the Foundation series from Maybelline that a little bit different from the other foundie. yaappp the foundie with a mousse feel. wakakaka... it soo unique although the other brand actually released this kinda thing as well.

so lets move to the main topic!
i will review this product start from...

1. Packaging Appearance
hmmm, it was like an ointment package in the past, but with an asymmetrically symmetric shape and I do love this shape. I love the light brown color and the matte feel. Not so elegant but so fun and really wearable for youth!

2. The Texture
Matte Mousse Foundation, definitely has the matte texture, like a mousse but also like a whipped cream, maybe it almost same with Revlon whipped cream. This is rather rough when still in the package, but really soft after blended. Has a light matte texture , medium coverage, and easy to blend with fingers. This one not oily and even good for oily face. maybe it doesn't really nice for dry skin but for me who have normal to dry skin, it still look so nice. I recommend this tips, don't use it to much on your certain part of your face, it will aglomerate in a certain place and look so thick and not blended well.

3. Performance Result!
Yesss, this is one of my favorite foundie ever. I use it in the morning and with a lot of  activities and even watered, this foundie still look so nice and more natural in the afternoon. Va Va Voom... isn't that really gorgeous? haha, I have no breakout or any other serious problem after using it, just adjustment in my face for a new product so I find a very small pimple in the hidden area haha.. but don't worry, just use your mainstay serum and everything will good again.
Oya, talk about the shade, I use the Natural Beige Medium 2.5 which is also the darkest shade in Indonesia, actually,  I want to get more exotics look is my face but this shade still look natural and even brightens my face despite it darker than my face shade when still in the package.

4. Price
you can get it in so many stores in Indonesia with IDR 90.000 or USD 8. still affordable right?

Repurchase? Yes. as long as I don't want to find the another unique and cool foundie. hihihi

RATE *****/5

so the conclusions are:
1. This product has a fun package
2. Matte texture and suitable for oily skin, for dry skin choose the liquid one
3. long lasting, get longer get more natural, definitely better
4. Affordable price and easy to find

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the new package and still sealed
thickness of the product (hands on)

texture and the look
before and after using this foundie

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