Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review : Lucido-L Hair Vitamin Spray for Normal Hair (Pink)

huhh, finally blogging again in this not-so-sweet afternoon. so yaah my gorgeous reader... let me tell you what is the kinda thing that I wanna share. And again, I will give you product review, yaah again hahaha, but don't worry, because today Im gonna explain about Hair treatment that i really love to use every single time after I washed my hair hihihi... yap that is actually from Japan brand but know available here in Indonesia manufactured by Mandom, yaahh, sure that you guys from here know about this company....

yap yap yap... very long overview.. so lets start the review from...

1. Packaging Appearance
hmmm, pink is color of this product for the normal hair series... and it seem like a bulgig tube with a pump on the top. still interesting and girly. in the back, you'll find a full of product detail. for the completer shape, you guys can check the image in the bottom. Oyaa, this is also available in three different series for normal, dry and oily hair, the other was in yellow and orage, but I don't remember each color for each series LOL.

2. The Vitamins Description
It's like a water, I also meant that this is not colored, not sticky and oily. contain the floral aromatics and doesn't need to be rinsed. Im not one of the floral aromatics enthusiast but the smell still good in my nose. haha. over all, I can accept and good with this vitamin.

3. Performance Result
I can say a lot of story here because I still not really good to oversee my hair after this treatment. I just feel so dry in the first use until I thought that maybe I buy the wrong series, but in the middle of use, I get my hair more shiny and healthy. i also get my hair softer and smoother after use this for several time. and I can't describe more, please just see how's my hair now in the bottom image.

4. Price
for 200ml vitamin spray I spent about my IDR 30.000 or USD 3. I guess it worth it when I get this new hair look and condition. :)

REPURCHASE? Yes, I can rely my hair into it ;)

RATE ****/5

so guys, thankyou so much for read this review and dropping by. I hope I can give you more and more informative  infos about beauty and life next day. so thank you so much. and lets see the pictures bellow!!!!

the package appearance

details of this product, and when it sprayed

how to open and close

my hair after treatment

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