Saturday, March 15, 2014

Makeup Collab : Can't Remember to Forget You (Rihanna)

in this special day (goes to my anniversary), I wanna post something so special as well hehehe
yaap this is my very first MAKEUP COLLABORATION, and this precious moment I eventually share with a very gorgeous Indonesian Beauty Blogger +Dhana Xaviera , hmmm she's so brilliant to catch me be her partner by the way hahaha...

so, you guys definitely love Shakira's music video in the song "Can't Remember to Forget You" featuring Rihanna right? and this is the makeup inspired by the artists and we really want to try their makeup look, and with all of the imperfection that we have (maybe just me), we still proudly present thisss....

this is our exclusive banner! edited by wonderful dhana

then, this is us in the future (minus bikini hahaha)

this is me and my sistah, am I look as cool as her? *ignore
so why Rihanna? yah I hold that title because I'm darker hahaha, I have a fierce (badgirl actually) face and one thing, Dhana lost the Red lipstick and actually I have no pinky nude lipstick like Shakira. please ignore this btw...

next to the beauty stuff, I create this picture as well
just this! so simple and yahh I guess not expensive haha
a. foundation
b. face powder and two way cake
c. eye shadow base
d. brown blush for cheek and eyes
e. dark brown eye shadow for eyes and contouring base
f. light pinky nude eye shadow
g. pencil eyeliner
h. mascara
i. false eyelashes
j. the last pict is the lip creator 

and this is the simple pictorial

the EYES
for eyes:
1. put the eye shadow base
2. use the brown or 1 to 2 shade darker than your skintone eye shadow into the deep eyelid bone line until rather close to the eyebrow bone
3. insert the dark brown color into the boundary eyelid upper line
4 & 5. until you create the look like these
6. dab the light nude eye shadow into the rest of the eyelid, and I did it with my finger
7. and get this look
8. create eyeliner in the upper eye line
9. then create half full eyeliner in the bottom line
10. create a brown shadow in the bottom line and blend it slowly
11 & 12. mascara time!
13. add some lashes (optional)
14. waiiittt...
15. Get the final look!!!

the lips
for lip (by the way, that was my bare skin in BAD CAPTURED with red lipstick -__-) :
1. balm the lips. let it dry or put the tissue
2. create lip line, i lost my lip liner so quickly i use my sharp matte lipstick shape, in red
3. fulfill perfectly the lip with hot red lipstick!!!!

so guys, I guess it's done. you also can recreate this look as well and let me show you my dark photoshot using this hahaha

Behind the Scene brooo,
this is when I created my eyebrow with eyeshadow and brush, this is my absolutely way to get a natural perfect Brows :)

all the photo of me was taken by my boyfriend +Gallant Swatantra hehehe, and the most memorable thing was, I didn't bring my EYELINER in the photoshoot place! but I change it with my black eye shadow, God have helped me....T.T  hehehe

so guys, thankyou so much for visit, don't forget to check out Shakira looks by +Dhana Xaviera , you can find that OVER HERE , and we do need your comments and suggestions .... leave your comments down bellow, don't forget to follow my account in GFC and Google+ as well...

see you guys very soon :D
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