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Product I use and How to Create Natural Glow Face in My Version

So guys, Iam sorry for not list the product I use and how to get Natural Glow look in my previous post... hehehe, I just have my little spare time that way so I skip all the thing about this. But as I can see, several people want to know about the details of my makeup and how I applied it.. I create this special post to you guys...
Lets get started!


List of Product :
1. Wardah Hidrating Toner for normL to dry
2. POND'S Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum
2. POND'S Flawless White Day Cream Moisturizer
4. Maybelline NY Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Natural Beige
5. POND'S Flawless White BB Cream in Light
6. Wardah Luminous Two Way Cake in Light Ivory
7. Marcs Venus Loose Powder in Natural Beige

How to create :
1. I use my Toner to prepare my face 
2. Then I applied my face serum and moisturizer 
3. Put your favourite foundation all over your face and neck
4. Use your concealer , in this case I have no concealer again so I use my Ponds BB cream in my under lower eyes area
5. For more coverage, I use my TWC with a little bit wet sponge all over my face and neck , and yaaaap look so flawless.
6. Secure with the loose powder


List of Product :
1. Mirabella Eyeshadow in Dark Brown
2. Pixy Eyeshadow in Surrel Brown (Darker Dark Brown)
3. My $1 Just Miss Eyeshadow in no 3, Shimmery Light Brown
4. La Tulipe Eyeshadow No 13, Shimery White
5. PIXY Perfect Eyeliner
6. Relian Japan Fiber Mascara
7. Some false Lashes that I can't read that name (Optional)
9. My own eye color, for Natural look I prefer to just stay with my natural eyes, no softlens.

How to create :

Brows : 
1. Use your small angled brush with the Dark Brown Eyeshadow make it as neat as possible but stay natural. 
2. DONE!

Eyes :

1. Put just the Shimery Light Brown Eyeshadow without eyeshadow base for make the color still natural.
2. Create a half eyeliner in upper and lower eye line with the Darker Dark Brown eyeshadow using your favourite small eyeline brush
3. Mascara Time, and use your favourite natural lashes (Optional)
2. DONE!

1. The same way with the FIRST LOOK for eye shadow and Mascara
2. Just added the eyeline in upper line with liquid eyeliner
3. DONE!

1. Same way with the SECOND LOOK but I added the sparkle in my deep area of my eyes with my shimmery white eyeshadow from the deepest inner eyes until a half area of my eyelids. I use it with my finger.
2. DONE!


List of Product :
1. Mirabella Dark Brown Eyeshadow ( Medium Brown is better )
2. La Tulipe Blush On in no 9
3. La Tulipe Eyeshadow no 13, Shimmery White

How to create :
1. Suction your cheek and rub the brown eyeshadow that way under the cheek bone with your fav contouring brush carefully
2. Apply your bronzer or Brown blush for make it smoother on the next layer of the contourong base.
3. Put your orange or peach or light brown blush in your cheek bone while smiling
4. I dab the hi lite in the top area of my cheek with a shimmery white eyeshadow, or yaahhh seriously you can use or your contouring and highlight kit -___-
5. You're DONE!

*for this Contouring, I will specially post the content on my next article with some pictorial to make it clearer ♥♡♥


Lip On Lip in Carnation Pink

Mirabella Colorfix in no 67 with semi gradient lip, gradient in the upper lip, full in the lower lip

Oriflame Giordani Gold Dreamy Moments Lip Gloss in Sugared Petal Pink


so guys that wasthe CHEAPEST way to get the Natural Glow in my Version, for more talk, ask me question, and responses, just add the comments down below.

(Kalo belum begitu jelas , komentar aja yaaa, hihihi, gak ada waktu luang banget nih, abis ini kuliah -___- , feel free aja)

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First Look

Second Look

Third Look
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