Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review : SYOSS Airy Curl Cream for Wavy or Curly Hair

shinta is back hehehehe
and today I'm gonna reviewing the Hair product that becomes my favorite for my wavy or curly hair look. yapp this is it, SYOSS Airy Curl Cream. I own it while I look for the product that will help me get a fabulous curly hair without add some hair spray, I don't know, I just don't like the way hair spray works to hair hahaha...

so just go to the point, and....... let's start the review from....

1. Packaging Appearance

Like the other medium round tube for accomodate a cream... bwakakakak, seems so excessive. with the black as the basic color, this Japanese Pro Styling Cream lookgood enaough, but the completer describe, just see this photos below

2. The Cream
Pinkish cream with a good smell, hmmm, but one thing that I don't really like was the texture a little bit sticky at the first time taking hehe, but for next, it not really bad, no more sticky, but some stain in your hand will slick and frothy. Over all, Acceptable. haha

3. Performance Result
Magically create a Gorgeous Curly Look..!!!! OMG I Love it so much, it last until more than 6 hours, even I use it in the morning and the other morning still left the wavy look, LOL. Still so soft to my hair as well. Use it a few minutes before you heat your hair with curler.

it works so well in the first several usage and the quality was decrease in the long term usage. I guess it due to the formula reduce after often open and close the cream randomly. I'm so sorry. huffft.
the tips I want to share is:
1. Don't keep in this cream in long time, better use it just in a few month, you can share with your friens, maybe... hahaha
2. Don't forget to close the cream tube while you're not using it, for example when you start to curly your hair with curly tong.
anyway, this cream actually still gorgeous until now but the endurance for your curly look maybe reduce to a shorter time. but don't worry still OKAY. hehehe

and these are some photo that I captured several time ago, a.k.a my almost-old picture while wearing this cream... Ignore about my Selfie style, this is when I was so happy to get this curly look bwahahaha

im sorry for the quality of my camera and... my face -_-

4. Price
about IDR 30.000 or USD 3 that time, I forget the exact. soooo affordable right?

REPURCHASE ? I guess Maybe, I want to try another product from SYOSS that really complete for curly hair xixixix

RATE ****/5

1. Simple but good enough for the packaging look
2. Beautiful color and good smell cream but in the first taking will a little bit sticky.
3. FABULOUS CURLY LOOK RESULT, but just use it in short term time for prevent formula reducing hehe
4. Affordable price? Sure.

So guys, that's all, hope your problem to get beautiful curly or wavy look will helped ^_^
all question, responses, and the other beauty talk just write down in the comments box, I will so happy to read that.

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