Thursday, March 13, 2014

FOTD : What's the Look that You Describe as Natural ?

Yess, I again started my day today with Natural makeup, or even No-Makeup look. 
Yaahh, sometimes, the most expensive look was when you show your own face in natural, hm do you agree? Hahaha

So yeaah this is my look today, without eyeliner or even false lashes..

Yaahhh, I describe and claim this as my own face! Hahaha

So these,  the steps and products I use to get this look:

1. Apply your toner, I used Wardah Hidrating Toner for Normal to Dry

2. Then use the face serum, I used POND'S Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum

3. Moisturizer, again I used POND'S Flawless White Day Cream

4. Foundie time... I choose Dream Matte Mouse Foundation from Maybelline NY

5. Create brows, Glow Shading, and basic blush, I used Brown Eyeshadow for brows from Mirabella, glow shading and basic blush with La Tulipe Blush On no 09

6. Secure carefully with face powder to make Iit natural, I used Mark Venus Powder in Natural Beige no 2

7. For eyes, just simple, I applied eyeshadow base from La Tulipe, then I put my La Tulipe Blush On number 09 sheer just to make my eyes a little bit glowing but not excessive.

8. Finish everything with slowly apllying two way cake, I choose Wardah Luminous TWC in Light Ivory

9. Create semi Gradient Lips with apply Full in bottom lip and create gradient in upper lip. Yaahhh, my fav look, I choose Mirabella Colorfix Matte Lipstick in no 67

Yaahhh, that was my step today to get the look, I do feel comfy with this, hope you guys Enjoy this look and feel Iinspired too hahaha...
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