Friday, March 7, 2014

How To : Small Messy Curly Hair with Hair Braids

Yesss, come back again today to start my blogging world... hellow all...morning!!
Yap today with the title above I meant to give you an How To for hair... it so simple, but I can't force all of you guys for like this style because I still thinking that it actually not really succeed  to work on me bwahaha... but yeahhh, lets take your time for blogreading here haha

So this is an extremely easy way to get more messy look in a small curl, and I just do it very simple before night sleep and in the morning you will get this look. This is free from heater and the other hair tools. I just use my Airy Curl Cream and do the braiding and let it work itself.  :D

So, I do it with these steps... and this is for a before-go-to-bed hairdo

1. Split your hair into 4 sections, if you want bigger than mine just split it into 2 sections.

2. Apply the curly cream for the hair in each section and one by one (I use the one from SYOSS Airy Curl Cream)

3. Do one by one the usual 3-hair-braids with each section directly after the cream apllied, not wait for all the cream applied into a whole hair.

4. After braid your hair from the middle to the bottom ends of your hair, tie your hair with roll the bottom for secure the shape.

5. Let's go to bed, let's sleep!

6. Good morning, after take your morning bath, you can open all the braid and see what they're happen...

7. Make it nicer and if you want more natural, just use your finger!

Okay guys, that's all. I hope it work well but yeaah, just look the result for decide to try out or not hahaha
I understand if you may don't like it bwahaha, but please leave your comments... Your comment, make me feel perfect haha.. (ohh Iis that really doesn't work??? -___-)
Thankyou for visiting my room!

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