Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review : Oriflame Beauty Kohl Pencil Eyeliner in Black

hi guysssssssssssss, finally touch this blog, start to write, but yeaah, please don't leave me just because I post again and again about product review!!! I really have no more spare time for blogging, beacause all the task and activity in collage or other. So hmmm, this is the product that I prepared to be reviewed, Eye Cosmetic from Ofiflame Sweden, yaahh this is eyeliner again but in the Kohl Pencil, curious? let's we start!!!!

as usual, I will review this start from...

1. Packaging Appearance

so simple, just like the other kohl pencil in black. the common black pencil with the cap and glossy package. still safely placed everywhere because the strong pencil and cap. not really cute or special, but not bad for me personally.

2. Texture of the Pencil
huuuuu, really smooth and feel creamy but not really brittle, yet, I guess it's better when you do the sharpening you have to do it carefully because that creamy texture. when it comes to my eyes, I feel it stick so well and not sickening, really love love love the texture from this eyeliner pencil.

3. Performance Result
Good is the one quick word that I will firstly use to describe this product. pigmented, soft, and long lasting. I can rely this product into my eyes more than liquid eyeliner. I use it for my top and bottom eye line sometimes, and I feel satisfied. about how long it last on my eyes, I think still depend on my eye condition and my activity. I use it all day long, and still remain on my eyes although I already wash my face with water, and yaah it still stuck in my eyes neatly :), so will you wanna try???

4. Price
it has a normal price in IDR 49.000 or about USD 4 to 5, still affordable for me and even you can wait a lot of discount from this brand... haha

REPURCHASE?  Maybe Yes, it's good

RATE ♥♥♥♥♥/5

1. Simple packaging
2. soft creamy but not really brittle texture!
3. GOOD performance
4. Affordable price :)

so guys, that's all the review of this Oriflame Beauty Kohl Pencil, hope you always stay to read all of my update or popular post, don't forget to leave the comments down below for more product talk, also follow my blog's GFC and Google+ in the button below, have a nice nice nice day!!!

the pictures....

the packaging

the pencil texture and swatch in dry condition

in the wet condition

eyes using the Oriflame Beauty Kohl Pencil Eyeliner

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