Sunday, March 23, 2014

IBB MakeUp Challenge March 2014 Ft Menard : Natural Glow

. . . . . take a breath . . . . .
oke guys, get with me again with the other happy atmosphere. Shinta is back with a very first moment to join Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB) MakeUp Challenge (MUC) in March 2014 that specially in their birthday occasion, present a very gorgeous MUC and this month featuring Menard Cosmetics one of the great beauty brand from wonderful country of Japan. and the other fabulous thing was the special prizes of their beauty product worth IDR 2.300.000 each for 2 Winners! VAAAAA VAAA VOOOOM!!! with  naturally make up look exactly Natural Glow, every beauty blogger has the chance to get that wonderful prizes and a special invitation for Facial at Menard Facial Salon... uhh la laaa... so interesting isn't it?
(go check for more info)

so this is my turn, in the last second of submission closing, I feel so dare to finally join this MUC with all of my barriers, but yeaah, the one thing I love is when I finally get a time for start my experiments and feel happy again with think about what the look I wanna present....

guys, this is it.... (don't mock me please T.T, still learning)

1. FIRST LOOK ( Iam Simple but not Plain )
I describe glowing as shiny but not oily, and I do love to wear this first look in my daily activity, with nude pinky glowing eyes and my sheer pale pink lipstick, truly represent my bare condition sometimes. I choose this as my Simple but not Plain Look and with the greatest makeup finishing in the world, SWEET SMILE :)

2. SECOND LOOK ( Healthy is the Meaning of Beauty )
well, I do love this kind of look, so healthy and wearable for daily as well. with the reddish flushed lip but still natural and a glowing also happily healthy cheek. I feel so excited to choose this look to represent my own beautiful face, yeaah, whatever the other people describe about beauty, I personally stay in my own decision that Healthy is the Right Keyword ;D

3. THIRD LOOK ( Luminous Eyes be the Point of Interest )
yeaaa, if you guys take carefully into this look, you will find my luminous eyes that I got from my shimmery white eyeshadow and also combined with a peachy nude gloss in the lip. i feel like having a glowing sparkle on my deep side of my eyes... is that truly be the center of interest?

btw all of the photos taken by @fikaaa73 aka Rofiqoh Permatasari

so guys, that's all my looks for this month MUC, so many messy everywhere because I do it quickly I have no long time,  I'm not as expert as you guys and I'm sure that you don't give me all about praising but let me know the truth, is that actually Natural? is that really that Glow? or what you think generally about my looks... just share it on the comments box down below... I will so happy to get all your responses guys...:)))

and tell me which one be the best look on me hihihi....

oyaaaa, the SUBMISSION is EXTENDED until March 24, so hurry up, lets join and have fun :D

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