Hi Gorgeous, Welcome to My Blog

This blog will give you some of Clarification and Disclaimer about all the content that I write and related to certain brand of product, here they are :

1. All the post about review, is based on my true expreriences, with full of honesty, not has a purpose to disfigure any company, also without any coercion from any party.

2. Almost all the product I buy with my own money, except I obviously will write if a product I get from some event or sponsorship.

3. I am not guarantee all the product that suit on me with suit on you too, because we might have different skintypes or any skin conditions, better to read my description on my About Me page.

4. I am not a professional in medical beauty, so if you find my review that has a related with medical beauty such as a medicine for my skin problem or eye product and so on, you always be better if you check it to the professional first because anything that I write is all based on my own experience and my own condition. But you may use it as one of your references :)

5. I always welcome all the responses from all my reader in comment box except the rude comments, dropped any certain ethnicity, race, or religion, and also a comment that vilify fellow's physical.

6. I always open for endorsement and sponshorship as long as it appropriate with my blog and my personality and not has to be beauty thingy.
Just email me on for more.
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