Monday, June 23, 2014

Review : Softlens EYECOM 3 Tone in Blue

ohhh finally touch this down, Iam so glad to have this little spare time and write another thing to my lonely blog.

So today I am gonna review my another softlens collection that I had a couple times ago, So I decide to review it first than my newest softlens that I told you here

So here it is, EYECOM 3 TONE BLUE

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sebongkah Pengalaman Belanja Softlens Online di

Hello World... haha
akhirnya balik juga dan kali ini make bahasa yak.
Sorry ya semua penggemar2ku baru hari ini bisa ngunjungi and sehaii-sehaii ke kalian lagi karena ini nihh masih minggu UAS n super duper sibuk banget laaa sebagai mahasiswa akhir hehehe, tapi don't worry be happy yaa, aku kali ini ngasih kalian info yang sangat berguna, apalagi buat kalian yang suka tampil mempesona and 1000% lebih kece dengan pake softlens nihh...

hmmm apa yaaa maksudnyaa???

yaaak, ini dia aku persembahkan sebongkah, sejumput, serayuk pengalaman tak terlupakan bersama Toko Softlens Online terbesar se-Indonesia, bukan lain lagii, yaaaap

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FOTD : Under the Night Shimmering Sky (Natural)

Hi Girls, Today I try to create a Shimmering-Everywhere look that I just create after bath this evening huahahaha, and yahhh I just tell some short making-of story for that. So let's enjoy...

Playing with NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Cannes ( Review and Swatch )

Ollaaa beautiess, here at last!!!
I am sorry I just in this blog today, and also create this post as my very first post in June but YEAAAAHHHH, take it so fun, my life now is in sweet surrender of my last semester of this last year in collage so you definitely can imagine that!!

So this marvellous day, is a day for playing, YESS, playing with your favorite stuff in the world, Lippieee, and I give the turn for NYX SMLC in Cannes and not only just play, I'll give you some short review and make them as a "top coat" hahahaah

Friday, June 6, 2014

My Face in Daily Look

Hi beautiesss

So today's post is all about my Daily Face Look, I believe we all really fun with glamorous,  shimmering, unique,  wonderful,  and artsy makeup look yeaa, but we have our own common daily face haa? Hihihi, and now, it's my turn to show mine!

Some of them is my bare face without Foundation, BB Cream, or any other makeup base, as usual , I am lazy -__-
Oyaa, all I captured in my Tablet Camera, sorry for poor qualities -__-

oyaaa, I explain everything about the look in the caption yeaa

natural over all
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