Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FOTD : Under the Night Shimmering Sky (Natural)

Hi Girls, Today I try to create a Shimmering-Everywhere look that I just create after bath this evening huahahaha, and yahhh I just tell some short making-of story for that. So let's enjoy...

Before I explain all the way to get this look, you must read the TRIVIA, that :

1. I am not using any Mascara or lashes ( I hate to wear that in the evening), so adjust your self to wonder why my eyes look so bald hahaha
2. I had no plan to post this before, so I just have this amount of photos
3. I AM NOT USING ANY MAKEUP BASE , (such as Foundation, BB Cream, CC Cream, whatsoever) So I'm sorry if I ain't Flawless enough T__T #thisridiculous and DON'T EVER DO THAT ACTUALLY -_-

I. So I start with my serum al over my face and let them absorb perfectly

II. While waiting for that, I create my eyebrow with my pencil and fill also make a gradient with my brown Shadow

III. Continuing with, Eyeshadow, just:
Sheer Orange (CREASE),
Sheer Shimmery Brown (EYELID),
White Highlighter (INNER CORNER)
blend blend blend

IV. Eyeliner all the way, hahah, upper eyes and in waterline, all black.

V. Orange blush in apple cheeks and chin

VI. Powder Time!! I always dab my blush before powder, IDK, it just last longer for me

VII. Shimmering Powder in Apple cheeks, chin, forehead, and because Iam using Sariayu Shimmering Powder, I take the color beige (face powder) to be my face highlighter including the noose bridge. It just really match with my Skintone, I usually choose that color for my inner corner that the white hiliter one.

VIII. The last but not the least , the LIPiehh, I choose the brown nude with a satin finish lipstick. Perfecto final touch :*

So it's DONE, far from Excessive but so glamourous, I even create this without Makeup Base but still look good (for me) haha

Just share it girls, share the Natural Shimmering Look in your version yaa...

Bye Bye... <3

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