Friday, June 6, 2014

My Face in Daily Look

Hi beautiesss

So today's post is all about my Daily Face Look, I believe we all really fun with glamorous,  shimmering, unique,  wonderful,  and artsy makeup look yeaa, but we have our own common daily face haa? Hihihi, and now, it's my turn to show mine!

Some of them is my bare face without Foundation, BB Cream, or any other makeup base, as usual , I am lazy -__-
Oyaa, all I captured in my Tablet Camera, sorry for poor qualities -__-

oyaaa, I explain everything about the look in the caption yeaa

natural over all

this is my bareface but after skincare, a lil bit natural eyebrow and soft pink lipstik

Really Bareface before bathing and in a short time, I combine it with matte maroon lipstick (blended by finger)

super sheer smokey brown effect without any liner and natural finish

Fresh look of mine, completed with eyeliner, blush, reddish lips, yummi

nerdy look, I use just eyeiner with blue contact lens, and nude brown lipstick, glossy

a new fresh with reddish pink lipstick, favorite of all time rite?

Stay flawless with your natural makeup and a touch of color on you eyeball. they said Beautiful

Sweet look, eyeliner and deep pink matte lip, glowing cheeks noose and all, healthy look ever!!

So , natural still so fun right?
How about yours?
Do you love to look Natural when you go out of your door? I certainly do <3

Bye Bye Love :*
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