Saturday, February 8, 2014

Story : Why I Don't Really Like My Own Photos !

Hi Gorgeous,  today i wanna start everything with my sad story, bwahhaaha, when I'm in the front of pro photographer (sometimes I get a job as a photo model),  I feel like enjoy and always have a gorgeous result. Several of my friends also call me Photogenic!  And yah, tell me about it. Hahaha. but FYI, I have a big problem with my own photos sometimes! Why??? It will explained and described below.

So Shinta, what's the reason?

1. I realize that most of my photos (that I took by my self and some people) isn't really good to represent my self in real. Hufff
2. My face sometimes look so asymmetric in a wrong angle by the amateur action!
3. I don't like my own smile in the photos
4. My selfie sometimes so gorgeous but sometimes so weird!
5. I don't think I'm good in candid, maybe I'm not really beautiful or in the case that I don't like to always look beautiful. Hahaha
6. I hate when I can't post a cool photo in instagram hahaha

And many more! The main reason shortly was I'm uglier in photos  for me personally.  Hahahaha
But guys, it happen when I do selfie or get the wrong picture takers wKakaka...
Anyway, there's the fact that some my picture are greater than my own self  haha
It's confusing,  but you know that it's true when all of myhotos sometimes never represent my self well -__-

So guys, what about you?
Are you always beautiful in front of camera?
Let me know...

OOT news: I finally get my Dream Matte Mousse from Maybelline, I will post the review soon

One of my Favourite Photos, taken by : @fikaaa73
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