Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How To : DIY Fix the Unstoppable Restart Tablet

Hi gorgeous... I post that title to make you know why I often post something nowadays.  Yess, my tablets, error again. And this time not about blank like I share you here before, but this is about unstoppable restart that make me mad so bad. Huff...

So what I actually did to fix that and make it back to normal by my self (no, my boyfriend actually haha) ? ? ? First of all I wanna share a atory that I already looked for so many help for eveyone in internet. But it doesn't works, so I give you our original solution...

Yap this is it...

1. We started to think positively that this is not an error in the software so we didn't bring it to the center and flashing this tablet.

2. We agree to remove so many thing in the tablet including pictures, videos, musics, apps, and so on,  that maybe make the RAM full filled and show their error with unstoppable restart.

3. I actually can't believe it but IT WORKS.

4. Just do it simply but don't forget to back up all your important files and apps.

5. Use your tablet again with a bid smile.... lalalalalalala ♥♡♥♡♥

So guys, that's all you can leave a comment if you want to ask me more, and feel free to give me all your responses. Thankyou guys... stay gorgeous!

All the tips I do for my own tablet and it succeed but I don't take the responsibilities if you decide to use my tips into yours. What happen in the result may has the differences.  Thankyou.

Brand : Samsung Galaxy Tab
Series : Tab 2 10.1"
Used from : October 2012
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