Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review : Garnier All in One BB Cream

Hmmm, after a lot of consideration about all the turmoil in my mind posted on this and this , I decide to back to be happy and just let everything go slowly, enjoy the new day as usual student, and yeaahh start to blogging. And today, I'm back with review! I actually want to post this in the past few days,  but the circumstances that happen not really good for review a beauty thing, I don't know,  just don't want it wrong hmmm... so this is the BB Cream from Garnier which is actually not a new stuff for nowadays beauties,  but yaah, I just wanna explain my experiences while using this one... so check check check this out !

1. Packaging
Simple. Made by usual material that I guess a plastic. With beige brown color and almost full of product description. Not really special but still nice and sure... travel friendly.

2. Texture
It seem liquid and glossy or more like tinted moisturizer,  but I love love and love actually when it put on my skin, really Matte Finish (Yeah, I'm a matte girl) and soft. It has a normal shade for Indonesian I think, with a medium color and coverage. And it available in one shade here. I don't know in yours. But one think I don't really like is that the cream is too easy to absorb so if I'm not quickly put that one my face perfectly it will sticks into my hand -__-

3. Performance Result
For the first time I use this into my face. I feel like get the new favourite beauty stuff, so flawless,  matte, good coverage, contains SPF 21 PA++, with the lemon extract and aromatic,  so perfect combination for a small and affordable Bb cream. I loved to wear that again and again. But when I use it in the third day, I found the group of pimples -__- , and I was like waaaaaa, no no no nooooo, I can't continue this! Oh sad, I thought that we will be a good friend but yeah, I don't know why I never fit with all the Garnier product, not exception for this.  Ougghh. I still in my bad unhealthy face that way and actually went to good but wjen I start use this cream, I don't know it happen agai. I used to believe this Bb cream because Garnier always use the natural extract,  but yaahh, I don't know.  Now, I'm not using that again. Sorry... T.T

4. Price
About IDR 21.000 or USD 2 for a mini tube.

5. Repurchase?
No... of course

RATE ♥♡♡♡♡

Overall I sadly can't use this again although I do love the texture and so on. So I just want to emphasize that this is maybe just happen to my own face, I don't know how it works to you... so guys, I wait for your stories and comments,  tell me more...
These are some picture

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