Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to : Exotics Look From Top to Toe in My Version

Hi gorgeous.... this blog is still under maintenance but today I can't hold my self to start to post again, and today I'm gonna give you an How To about exotics look in my version as an Indonesian.  And this is surely suitable for you who also have the exotic look like me or wanna be exotic waa...

And of course because I present my way from top to toe I will start this from....

1. Hair
I choose the Sofia Vergara choice for the sexy look. Darker hair, so I keep my hair in dark color. This is not a must, but as an Indonesian this color will create a natural exotic look. Gor the style, I start with the easiest way, just let my hair down with my natural straight hair, but sometimes I try to make it a little bit curly and messy for more sexy look. Then let them dance with the wind gorgeous!

2. Face Make Up!
I am a Brownie Girl! Yes sure, I just have I color nuance of eyeshadow,  exactly that is brownish and the darkest shade foundation for Indonesian.. huuu Am I that dark? Hahaha.. so for the natural exotics make up look I choose:
♡ Smokey Eye Brown
♡ Dark Brown Eyebrows
♡ Exotics Beige Shade Matte Foundation
♡ Sheer Brown Lipstick
♡ Brown Blush or Bronzer

3. Outfits
Just choose a definitely you outfits and the one that make you feel so good while wear it. And this is my choices when I wanna get this look:
♡ One Nuance Color Dress
♡ Minimalist Outer

4. The Accessories
To be exotics, you need to prefer to Glamour look than cute, so choose the glowing accessories like simple necklaces,  antique bracelets,  all the other all season wear that really suit for your regal look.

5. Shoes! 
Gladiator is a sexy exotics choice! With the neutral black color and sexy line. Uuuhhhh... give it a rest! Invincible!

6. The Finishing Perfector
Your Confident!

So guys, that's all,  a simply way to get the exotics look in my personal version. Thankyou for visit, leave the comments, I hope you always enjoy my blog and stay Gorgeous!

* bonus : my exotics minimalist makeup photoshot theme

The Lady Over The Light
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