Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quick Review : Caring Colours Stay True Foundation no 4

haiii semuaanyaaa... come back with Indonesian Review dan pake bahasa yess.... kali ini dari foundation yg kmaren aku gak tahaan nunggu respon blogsale jadi aku pake lagi LOL haahaha (intinya udah gak masuk blogsale yahh)
yahhhaahahahh... ini dia...

Caring Colours Stay True Foundation no 4 Sand Beige

kali ini cepet2 aja yahhh... kalo kmaren ngeblog pake tablet n internetnya ngaja becanda... sekarang lebih becanda lagi karena pake hape wkwkwk... tapi hapeku inetnya lagi oke...
cus ini dia haasil rangkuman yang aku alami ketika menggunakan STF

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Super Simple Face-Beauty Routine for Beginner in My Version

Hello fellas, "winter" comes suddenly here in my location, my face dries itself, terrible.  That's why I want to post this, remind you guys to always keep your way close to the skincare, whether it natural or chemical. And some extra simple beauty and makeup tricks in this sensitive weather. So lets check my face routine out!!!

(I've ever post the sorta thing like this before, but this is simpler and more complete, if you want to read it, it is on my February's archive)

1. Go to bath or just wash your face with face soap, foam, or scrub
The best way for me is when i clean up my face in the bathroom, i always choose the facial foam, simply, it has foam and that will minimize your hand touch roughly to your face. It kinda influence your surface condition and create some new face problem, like oily skin, and so on.

2. Gently use clean facial napkins to dry your wet face
One reason, it believable and hygienist. Than your usual towel.

3. Put on Toner !
Refresh your skin and prepare for any other things that land on your face. Haha

4. Face Serum in the best application
I use this before or after my moisturizer,  simply because my serum from Pond's (that I have reviewed as you can see in the Popular Post) capable to be face primer as well,  how fantastic it is! And it has the ability to heal all my imperfection on my face, so i guess this is the must have item on my skincare pouch!

5. Moisturizer Cream or Lotion
Use cream if you have oily skin
Use lotion if you have dry skin
Use everything if you're normal, i mean normal skin. This is a must. You can exchange with the step 4. Ensure it contains the Sun Protectant, like SPF and PA, if it isn't, you can add special sunscreen cream or gel.

6. BB Cream or  CC Cream or Sheer to Medium Foundation
Use the less makeup formula for daily, I choose just BB Cream, I do believe it still has a good coverage as medium foundie has. Tips : for oily skin, better tp choose applicator like brush or sponge because the motion and your hand rub will invite new production of oil. For dry skin, don't use kinda Stipple brush with circular motion, better just dab it.

7. Loose Powder or Compact Powder
I think they both do so well for daily powder, i mean in this case they are just enough, i don't need like two way cake or any powder that still contains makeup base. Too heavy for daily, not to mention, gains the breakout risk.

8. Blush on to turn you on!
The quickest way to look absolutely fresh and passionate. If you have lighter skin, prefer to pinkish one, and orangey if you have darker, like mine.

9. Do your rest of makeup
Natural always timeless, for daily, it sometimes so tricky, but if you made it, you'll be the prettiest one.

10. SMILE !!!!!!
There's fun fact about makeup, it wouldn't change your personality, no matter how expensive and how long the time taken about you and your makeup,  as long as you don't give this world your sweetest smile, you can't pretend to be a pretty kindhearted woman. So, be the reason to someone else smile everyday ♥♡♥

After all, clean up your face with this order REMOVER - FACIAL SOAP - TONER, and do the face mask once a week :*

These are mine.
How about you??
Tell me!!! ♥♡♥♡♥

PS: written by tablet, I'm sorry for the terrible format

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Beauty Stuff that Hard to Repurchase

Hi teman2, kali ini aku mau posting yang berhubungan trntang pengalaman aku nyoba2 beauty stuff dan akhirnya aku susah banget buat bisa ngelanjutin kebersamaanku dengannya, random ya, entah produk lokal atau luar, tapi kali ini aku mau share pengalamanku sebagai orang Indonesia dengan keadaan iklim tropis halahhh, dan dengan karakteristik yang hampir sama dengan para indonesian yang lain jadi aku putusin pake bahasa yahh, biar aku bisa share ke kalian versi aku dan sesama cewek Indonesia.

Ini aku buat dengan tidak ada maksud menjelekkan produk tertentu atau pihak tertentu, pure sharing. Aku juga mencantumkan kelebihan dan kelemahan, jadi aku gak menjabarkan dalam satu sisi saja yah.

This post I make without any purpose for degrading any product or brand, this is pure and honest sharing. I also attach the Strength and weakness, so Im not gonna explain it just by one side :)

So ini dia mereka,

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Unboxing : Viva Cosmetic Membership Box + 1 Quick BLOG SALE

atau apalah judulnya yahh, yang jelas setelah menunggu begitu lama, aku iseng sumoah iseng banget mampir ke pos Security asrama buat tanya ada paket apa enggak, soalnya aku nunggu paket - paket yang lain, ehhh tau taunya ada, dan surprise, dari Viva, kukira tak akan datang hhehehehe, yaudah deh cus tengok isinyaa...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Story : August Life Update

Hooo em jiiii a.k.a OMG...
I had such a long time to spend my huge holiday to be in home and did every kinda family stuff more than a month. And I can't update my beloved blog, but it's okay, Iam here, Iam back. Despite I'm not gonna did a beauty posting, but I wanna share you my little story about my life and why does it influence my blogging business haha.

So this holiday, beside did a roadshow for this year Ied, I just got into kind of last year college problem, I start to do internship and my thesis planning program and so on. Also, a little misunderstanding internship problem, and I have to handle my couldn't-join Anual Gathering for CIMB Niaga Excellent Scholar, and bla bla bla. Not to mention, the very shameless me to didn't do my last duty as a Tourism ambassador in my regency, and all the thing, was just so complicated and ruins my head. So sick !

Due to that paragraph, I implicitly say that, my mood is on (fire) worst time, so I can't write anything on my blog, even just for imagine what I'll write!

That's just a story of mine in this month. How about your precious life honey????
I hope you well, but tell me hehehe...

Oyaaa, I just got 500 followers on Google+
Thanyou somuch G+ society!

Love yaa, see you very soon love!

Shinta Laura Dewani

I update my current face and activities as well, I hope you don't mind to see how boring I am haha, and also my fail duty as tourism ambassador, yah failed, I couldn't found my team, no sash anyway!

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