Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: POND'S Flawless White - Dewy Rose Gel

Hi all, finally back and this I bet the first skincare review in a couple week ahaha... so today I present to you the newest product of my Holy Grail Skincare brand

POND'S Flawless White - Dewy Rose Gel

and because this is a skincare that not gonna need any kind of full description about what colour, texture or even covarage, so I decided to create a Pros and Cons Review to make it shorter and easy to conclude....

1. It's gel, that's what I need in the past few period because I was in a flaky dry skin condition and I want something moisturize but not end with oil stuff so this is the best choice for you who has DRY and OILY skin. 
2. Make the skin so smooth and healthy and no breakout and flawless!!!
3. This is the new version of Ponds FW Serum that I crazily searched it everywhere but zonk, and in Hipermart I saw this thing than I found its a gel, something I needed, so what in world I look for the obvious reason to not get it on my hand!!
4. Due to the advertisement on TV, I just realized that this contains serum too so that is why my ill face get a recovery and healthier now :*
5. It water based, so it just dries freshly but not kind of really dry or what. Good for all skin types Once again!!!
6. Good aromatic and I don't know exactly it will has any effect for sensitive skin or not.
7. BEST TEXTURE and color actually, I just love it!
8. Affordable, IDR 75.000 or USD 6
9. Easy to find
10. Magic GLOWING effects on my own face. my makeup always look good after it !!

the swatch on hand skin. water based rite....

just zoom it in!

I couldn't find it now btw :p

So what do you think guys? Maybe I'll give you some of my photos to ensure you that this stuff kinda works on me


with makeup. getting mulus and glowing

makeup is off in the afternoon

I wanna see you thoughts, please leave me a comment, my pleasure to know...

Time to back to the office thing... Goobaaiiii
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