Sunday, October 12, 2014

My 21st Birthday in this October, 12th 2014

Thank God, finally I meet this wonderful October again... and lead my self to the 12th day of the month, find my self getting olderyaa b, matured, and simply not craving for kind of attention a lot. I just wake up and even forget about this in the morning.

Well I just wanna say, I really want to dedicate this for my self. Because I LOVE MY SELF more than any other person in te world, I don't really know why but I kinda person who is so Blessed and I am grateful to placed in this body and soul.

God definitely knows how I feel about this... God loves me as well...

Happy Birthday to me ...
and wanna say this to my beloved self

I love my self, because she always there for me for every single time of conditions when I needed

Gives me confidence in every step of my way

Easily forces me to smile in the bitterness

She never betrays me

Accepts all my weakness, embraces my weirdness

She knows how to shut my tears up

Motivates me in all ambitions

We love and hate the same person
She loves my parents, my sister, and my boyfriend, and friends

She even loves all my dream, allow me to pursue my carrier I want, and let me be who I am now, the person I always dream about as kid

She's Good, because the most crucial thing is, SHE LOVES ME A LOT TOO...

and we have the thing that we really wanna fall apart forever...

So I present this moment to me and my self, the exquisite collaboration in my eyes of all time...

special note:
malem ini menu dinnernya bekal ayam goreng dari ibuk 3 potong, kita makan berdua ya sayang :')
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