Monday, June 23, 2014

Review : Softlens EYECOM 3 Tone in Blue

ohhh finally touch this down, Iam so glad to have this little spare time and write another thing to my lonely blog.

So today I am gonna review my another softlens collection that I had a couple times ago, So I decide to review it first than my newest softlens that I told you here

So here it is, EYECOM 3 TONE BLUE

I will start this thing from the Packaging , I know, I know, it's kinda not important but I wanna give you some, take a look

packaging at all
that is soooo simple and small, but yeahhh, it doesn't really matter, we're not gonna use that all the time, so just fine with that.
This softlens has some description, here they are:

1. Diameter : 14.00
2. BC : 8.6
3. Usage : up to 6 months
4. Color Options : Blue, Grey, Violet, Brown, and Tosca (all 3 tone, so really beautiful and natural)

Next, the result on my eyes:

with the 14.00 diameter, it just has the same diameters with my own eyes, I really love this size, and the 3 tone pattern look more natural and like the truly blue eyes. I love it so much. with not so sharp ring line, it also doesn't makes the bigger eye look. And that is why I adore it!

yapppp, next to the Performance for this softlens

although it just IDR 75.000 but the performance is good, I ever had the softlens in the double price of this but this one is much more comfortable and I feel no much influence from before I wear it, So it is really light on my eyes and not gonna make a sore eyes. I used it more than 6 hours sometimes, and it still really nice. Just right for daily.

But sometimes, the softlens is not in the right place of my eyes, I think it is not about the size that exactly same with my bare eyes, but the curvature of the softlens that not really match with mine. Soooo, it will get some score decreasing from me but it still so okay hahaha

So from the over all review, I wanna create some conclusion for you, here:

1. Natural in size and pattern
2. Lovely color
3. Affordable price (IDR 75.000) but good quality
4. Comfortable
5. Sometimes it shift by it self, I think because the different curvature with mine.

okayyy guys, so now what??? tell me about your words on your mind, I really happy to know your thought.
OYAAAA, Iam so sorry for my face, it again BAREFACE with some touch of COLOURS, LOL!!

That's all, Love you.
BAI BAI !!!!

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