Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome March! Here my Newest Wishlists

So, did you ever think that the the busiest month all year round finally come to you today... ? or even yesterday... ?
Yaap, that is my problem now... wahaha, March, is the month of a lot of birthdays, a lot of agenda, even our anniversary,  but you have to know that maybe I don't have a lot of money, they still in the same amount .. so that's why I call it problem hwakaka.
But every barrier that comes to your day, you definitely get something or several thing to be desired right? Haha, that sentence at least really has the strong relation with my major at collage. So in this poor condition,  I still wanna start this painful post about my holy wishlists. And sure in beauty product in this case ...

FYI, I buy all the product by my own self, I never get my parents in to my beauty business heemmm... that's why the colleger like me still think twice or more for buy a beauty product. And you have to know again that I get monthly money not from my parents mostly, but I get it from being one of gorgeous student in the country so I get the cool scholarship (wakakaka, don't even  transfer it to your mind), but yess, I use it just for my daily life and all my other expenditures payed by my savings and my business. Yaah I'm a beginner entrepreneur,  and still wanna be huger.
So here they are...

1. Original Urban Dekay Naked 2 Pallette
Yesss, this is still be my wishlist. What a poor you! Yapp, you right. To get this I have to spend an amount that actually a little bit excessive for just a usual moneyseeker student like me maybe. Wahahaa, I hope that maybe through this sacred wish, I get this product freely.  Wakakak, I have to say that I want this since a long and long time ago, before I decide to want to be a beauty blogger and it was my love at the first sight,  yaap with the exotically regal and extremely elegant colours. Yes I know that the newest series of Naked has released,  but I still love to this. I swear! Haha...

2. Glamglow !
Yapp, I read a lot about this product, in reviews or even in shop line information. I think, this mud is wonderful. Being one of the Hollywood stars holy grails and the cool results, will be the greatest combination to be on my wishlist I guess.

3. Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Dark Spot Corrector
I know you have a big question,  and I will reply that this isn't product I use for my own self, but my boyfriend.  He's not in breakout or has a grub of pimples now but the dark spot make me wanna kill him. Just kidding.  Hahaha, and this product claim that this is able to help prevent the unevenly pigmentation in skin and make it cleaner. Awawaw

4. YSL La Teint Touche Eclat
This is kinda foundation that help you to get a porcelain dolly face. This high end product help you to get a vividly elegant look and yaapp, beautiful in our own way. I'm craving this!

5. RIGHT Matte Lipsticks
As you can read in my previous post, I want to start my journey to get the right in this month. Maybe I'll get it soon. You gotta know that I get so many so-wrong matte lipstick before. And in  the next day, with the gorgeous recommendations from wonderful beauty bloggers, I will find my best!

Bubbling up:
6. Bobby Brown Lipgloss
7. Wella Shimmer Delight Finish Shine Spray
8. L'Oréal Paris Waterproof Double Extension Curl Mascara
9. MUA eyeshadow pallette
10. Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit

And many many many more....
So guys, do you have one of them, tell me tell me tell me...
Leave me a comment by your experiences,  story, and others...

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