Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hello my pageviewers...
What's up yo??
oh really, it has been a while since my last blog post , where have I been?? I've been super busy making money everywhere hahaha, lots of thought to write something down but I get no time to passionate enough to do some stuff in my blog (pssttt, I still do beauty stuff offline, like dooling up and makeup shopping and so on hihihu). But it's so okay because I'm here, I'm back and I'll share something sweet here in today.

So what's on my gallery today??
What poisonous little sweetie I bring in this post?

Yapp this is it....


what do I do to start it babe? okay... I will do PROS and CONS review (my fav) to easify (wtsevr) you and I in concluding the product quality and the bad side :D

here we go...

1. Waterproof , for MAC sake this is real like the word "magical" is not overmuch again to describe this lipstick.
2. The color on the lip is exactly in the same color in the tube, but the color looks different (darker or lighter) with other people (especially for this shade) because the difference of skintone.
3. I don't say it's cheap, but this is still affordable, IDR 150-160K for such a gorgeous formula
4. So many beautiful shades, and really wearable for many kinds of occasion, (especially if you're in light skintone)
5. The packaging is regal too. Transparent glass with gold top cover, and the gold print for the lipstick title and description. Elegant!
6. Handy and travel friendly :)
7. Super good surface in the lip
8. OMG I forgot to say, it's LONG-est LASTING liquid lipstick I've ever tried
9. No transfer in the glass or in anything. I mean for real!
10. Still so fabulous after eating

1. Hard to remove, you need a good "hardskill" to clean up the stain and of course, a brilliant remover too.
2. Do second layer and it will feel so weird =___=
3. Envy so bad with those people who get this shade in darker look because they're lighter than me T.T
4. In the last hours like 8 hours later it ain't again in the good look, a bit or extremely worse actually =___=
5. Especially for this shade (LATTE CONFESSION) I can say it really a rear and quickly extinct product, so I have to wait for a long time or pay more expensive bucks

Okay that's all, is there any thing bother your mind? speak up or write down in the comment box baby :*

and at last, have a nice weekend everyone !!!!


always make sure you don't hesitate to ask me everything on your mind about that post before you close the tab, uuupsss, make sure it's appropriate and fiendly too :)
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