Friday, January 10, 2014

Review & How to : L'Oréal Excellence Creme Hair Color : Mahogany Copper brown

So guys... to the point yahh...
I removed this color just a few day after coloration because the result was really good BUT just in my crown area and very light in the root area -___-

But hold on, I've a few tips how to make this stuff work well on you hair.
Check them out:

1. Make sure your hair lighter than the color
If you've colored your hair before, make sure that it's brighter, you know what, I dye my hair with black in the very first time so the other color was doesn't work. If you have the same problem like me, go bleach your hair. I recommend to bleach in salon because it safer but if you want DIY, use it correctly and carefully, set the right time, because when it upset,  the result will wrong because bleach has a strong chemical ingredients. If you have natural hair (never be colored) you can use the hair dye directly but you have to make sure that all your hair covered evenly.

2. Use the serum for the dry hair
L'Oréal provide a serum for dry hair to keep the hair from the coloration. If you have a normal to dry, make sure you use this a whole hair. Massage it and let it a few minute then go to coloration.

3. Start from root area if your hair already colored before
If you ever colored your hair in the same color or similiar color and want to fix your regrowth hair, do the hair coloration from the root area first, then all you hair. Let it for a few minute,  the continue with all your hair, it will make your hair has a perfect root again.

4. Do all the step right. Longer time isn't always better
This, is my personal experience.  My hair look so weird because all the root area was sooo LIGHT but the other was soo dark. I'm not recommend you to always add the extra time for hair dyeing,  except the dark color. So guys, do it well, and make sure it  appropriate with the guides.

5. Hair care after colorations
If you wear L'Oréal like me, at least use the shampoo and conditioner in L'Oréal as well. It will make your hair look more normal than when you use the another. This also my experience. And do your routine hair care for after care treatments.

So guys, that's all my tips and a lilbit reviews.
I will attach some remaining picture, im not sure I've my hair result, and now I already colored my hair in Blue Black to remove the ugly roots.. yahh enjoyyy...
And thankyou guyss....

The box contains:
1. Box
2. The guide
3. Pre coloration serum
4. Colorant Cream
5. Developer and aplicators
6. The conditioner ttreatment
7. The gloves
Use the serum first, pour the colorant and developer, dont forget to use your gloves
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